Marketing Aptitude MCQ-66

Who may be member of consumer stores ?

(A) A consumer
(B) Bank’s employee or Manager
(C) Wholesaler
(D) Producer

Large scale retailers is/are—

(A) Departmental stores
(B) Chain shops
(C) Consumer co-operative stores
(D) All of these

……… had the aim of building mutually satisfying long-term relations with key partners customer, suppliers-distributors in order to each and retain their business.

(A) Relationship marketing
(B) Product marketing
(C) Service marketing
(D) Quality

Internet Marketing involves—

(A) Display advertising
(B) E-mail marketing
(C) E-mail marketing software
(D) All of these

DSEs is—

(A) Direct School Event
(B) Direct Sales Executives
(C) Division Sales Executives
(D) All of these

Which is/are the Product of the Bank ?

(A) Credit Card
(B) Kisan ATM Card
(C) Information Debit Card
(D) All of these

A call can be effective by—

(A) Making a phone call
(B) Sending an e-mail
(C) Calling on friends
(D) Personally calling on prospective customers

Who is the Customer of the Bank ?

(A) An account holder
(B) A Loan holder
(C) A Fixed deposit holder
(D) All of these

Marketing is the—

(A) product
(B) programme
(C) set of human activities
(D) demand

‘Make or Sell’ concept is related with—

(A) Old Marketing Concept
(B) Social Marketing Concept
(C) New Marketing Concept
(D) All of these

Which is the part of Selling Concept ?

(A) Profit by Sales
(B) Production of Present Product
(C) Sales/Promotional efforts
(D) All of these

Old concept of marketing includes—

(A) Products/Services
(B) Sales and Sales Promotion
(C) Profit by sales
(D) All of these

Obsolescence is the Process of—

(A) Deterioration
(B) Becoming old and non-functional
(C) Alteration
(D) A and B are both

Which is/are Controllable factor of Marketing Mix?

(A) Product related factor
(B) Wages policy of worker
(C) Job
(D) Fixed Budget

Marketing mix can be changed due to—

(A) Economic Policies of respective Countries government
(B) Law and Regulation of Government
(C) Climate
(D) All of these