Marketing Aptitude MCQ-68

Sales – Cost of goods sold =

(A) Profit
(B) No Profit – No Loss (BEP)
(C) Variable Cost
(D) Tax

Advertising can be described as the art of the creating a demand for—

(A) Article or a service
(B) Research and development
(C) Tax
(D) Sale

Recall Test includes—

(A) Gallup and Robinson Test
(B) Association Test
(C) Radio Recall Test
(D) All of these

The Principle of effective advertising includes—

(A) Know your Prospects
(B) Attractive headline
(C) Stress quality
(D) All of these

Which is the factors of Sales organisation ?

(A) Sales Policy
(B) Marketing Area
(C) Price of the Product
(D) All of these

The Selection Process of Salesman includes—

(A) Advertisement
(B) Application form
(C) Selection Test
(D) All of these

Basis for control of Salesmen includes—

(A) Sales planning and Production
(B) Sales Quota
(C) Advertisement
(D) Wage Policy

…………… involves not only individual but social behaviour, each of the person in face-to-face contrast salesman and Prospect Influences.

(A) Market Segmentation and Branding
(B) Personal selling
(C) Sale
(D) Cost

Economic activity involves—

(A) Demand of Product or Services
(B) Investment
(C) Employment
(D) All of these

Which is the function of Marketing Planning in function oriented organisation ?

(A) Marketing Research Planning
(B) Product
(C) Customer
(D) Technique

A quota—

(A) Is a sales distribution
(B) Is a technique of Publicity
(C) Is a quantitatively expressed goal assigned to a specific marketing, unit, such as to a Salesman or territory
(D) Is a Product

Which is the technique of marketing control ?

(A) Market Share Analysis
(B) Sales Expenses Ratio
(C) Sales Analysis
(D) All of these

Which is/are tool of Sales Promotion ?

(A) Bonus
(B) Additional Commission or Purchase allowance
(C) Premium
(D) All of these

Sales Promotion Programme is/are—

(A) Publicity and Broadcasting of Sales Promotion Programme
(B) Budget of Sales Promotion
(C) Sales Promotion Plan
(D) All of these

Match the following—

List-I (Marketing Policy)
1) Selling policy
2) Transportation policy
3) Advertising policy
4) Inventory policy
List-II (Elements)

(a) Effective sales force
(b) Railway
(c) Ratio
(d) EOQ
(e) Cost price

(A) a-b-c-d
(B) b-d-c-a
(C) c-a-b-d
(D) a-d-c-b