Marketing Aptitude MCQ-69

Consumer stores are set up by —

(A) Government of India
(B) Banking groups
(C) Ultimate consumer
(D) Wholesaler

Merchant Middlemen is/are—

(A) Wholesaler or Retailer
(B) Agent
(C) Factor
(D) Auctioneer

Which is instrument of on-line marketing ?

(A) ATM card
(B) Debit card
(C) Fixed term deposit
(D) Long term account

Internet marketing is the marketing of products or services over—

(A) The Internet
(B) The Customer Market Structure
(C) Cost
(D) Brand

BDEs stand for—

(A) Business Division Event
(B) ^ Business Development Executives
(C) Book Design Event
(D) All of these

The online Product of Banks are—

(A) E-Banking Retail
(B) E-Banking Corporate
(C) E-Remit
(D) All of these

A gold call is—

(A) (A} Best way to do marketing
(B) A last resort for marketers
(C) Marketing at random
(D) All of these

Which is the feature of Rural Market ?

(A) Number of Consumer
(B) High Income
(C) Educated Population
(D) High Living Standard

Which is the risk for marketing ?

(A) Product
(B) Customer
(C) Change in the demand of goods
(D) Brand

Which is the decision of marketing ?

(A) Promotion decision
(B) Nature and Scope of marketing
(C) Marketing
(D) Information

RSS Stands for-

(A) Real Save System
(B) Role Saver System
(C) Real Simple Syndication
(D) Real Saver System

Marketing Comprises —

(A) Buying and Selling
(B) Production
(C) Deposit
(D) Allotment

ECRM stands for—

(A) Economic Customer Rate Money
(B) Economic Cost Rule Management
(C) Electronic Customer Relationship Management
(D) Electronic Cost Relationship Management

Consumer behaviour includes —

(A) Need and requirement of consumer
(B) Marketing System
(C) Place
(D) Tax policy

Marketing’s Concept of Four P’s expressed—

(A) Seller’s view
(B) Buyer’s or customer’s view
(C) Product’s view
(D) All of these