Marketing Aptitude MCQ-67

What is full form of SCBs ? (In case of bank)

(A) School Commerce Books
(B) Schedule Commercial Banks
(C) Schedule Cost Books
(D) All of these

HNI Means-

(A) High Income Individual
(B) Honest Marketing Staff
(C) High Net worth Individual
(D) Honest Neutral Individual

Political environment includes—

(A) Democracy
(B) Public Welfare and Social Justice
(C) Foreign Policy
(D) All of these

The objectives of Market Segmentation involve—

(A) Optimum utilisation of marketing options and efforts
(B) To select the best intermediaries
(C) To determine the fair Price of Product
(D) All of these

Which is the essentials of Effective Segmentation ?

(A) Measurable
(B) Identifiable and distinguishable
(C) Pricing
(D) (A)and(B)

Emotional Buying motive includes—

(A) Operating efficiency
(B) Fashion
(C) Love
(D) Affection

Which is economical factors ?

(A) Income Expectation
(B) Family Income
(C) Discretionary Income
(D) All of these

Which is/are advantage of Studying Consumer behaviour ?

(A) Product development and Planning
(B) Help in Marketing Planning
(C) Help in Marketing Forecasting
(D) All of these

MRO applies for—

(A) Consumable Supplies Items
(B) Research and development
(C) Shares
(D) Bond

Product Control involve —

(A) Quality Control of the Product
(B) Price Control
(C) Supply Control
(D) All of these

Packaging includes—

(A) all activities of designing and Producing the container or wrapper for a Product
(B) Pricing
(C) Transportation
(D) Costing

The Scope of Product Planning and development includes—

(A) Product decision
(B) Design and Size of the Product
(C) Colour of the Product
(D) All of these

Which is importance of Pricing ?

(A) Fair value
(B) Stability in Prices
(C) Purchase Planning
(D) All of these

Which is the type of demand ?

(A) Elastic demand
(B) Inelastic demand
(C) Perfect elastic demand
(D) All of these

Variable Cost includes—

(A) Raw material of the Product
(B) Wages
(C) Electricity charges
(D) All of these