Marketing Aptitude MCQ-65

Sales – Variable Cost =

(A) Profit
(B) Production Cost of the Product
(C) Contribution Margin
(D) Loss

……… has been defined as any paid form of non-Personal Presentation and Promotion of goods, Services or ideas by an Identified Sponsor.

(A) Sales Promotion technique
(B) Advertising
(C) Cost
(D) Pricing

Utility of advertising includes—

(A) Price stability
(B) Good effect on firm’s Personnel
(C) Permanent Demand
(D) All of these

Prospect for a banks means………

(A) Potential Customer of the Bank
(B) Staff
(C) Bank Building
(D) Profit

The department of Sales is/are —

(A) Retailing Sales department
(B) Wholesale Sales department
(C) Export department
(D) All of these

Which is the Selection test of Salesmen ?

(A) Intelligence Test
(B) Aptitude Test
(C) Personality Test
(D) All of these

Basis for control of Salesmen is/are—

(A) Route planning or Allocation of Sales Territories
(B) Report
(C) Remuneration method
(D) All of these

Personal Selling consists—

(A) Individual relation
(B) Personal Communication and Advertising
(C) Sales Promotion
(D) All of these

Selling Provides—

(A) Personal satisfaction
(B) Thrill in life
(C) Security
(D) All of these

Which is a technique for effective marketing planning ?

(A) Psychological tools for marketing
(B) Goal oriented
(C) Market Analysis
(D) All of these

Which is/are type of Sales quota ?

(A) High Quota
(B) Modest Quota
(C) Variable Quota
(D) All of these

Internal Control is done by—

(A) Internal employee
(B) Chartered Accountant
(C) President of India
(D) All of these

Which is the mean of Sales Promotion for the consumer—

(A) Coupons
(B) Free Samples and Free Trials
(C) Premium
(D) All of these

Sales Promotion Programme can be evaluated by—

(A) Means of Sales Promotion
(B) Size of Sales Promotion
(C) Period of Sales Promotion
(D) All of these

Marketing Programme affected by —

(A) Product planning and pricing
(B) Promotion
(C) Market Expansion
(D) All of these