Marketing Aptitude MCQ-63

Which is factor of marketing decisions ?

(A) Suppliers
(B) Market Intermediaries
(C) Customers
(D) All of these

When applied to the subset of website based advertisement placements, Internet marketing is referred to as—

(A) Advertising with brand
(B) web advertising
(C) Web marketing
(D) B and C

Micro credit started from—

(A) India
(B) Bangladesh
(C) USA and UK
(D) Japan

Which is a Private Bank ?

(A) AXIS Bank
(C) UCO Bank
(D) Bank of Baroda

Good selling skills involves—

(A) Alertness
(B) Knowledge of competition
(C) Knowledge of market
(D) All of these

Who is the Potential Customer of the Bank ?

(A) A Person who want to take loan from the Bank
(B) A Staff of Bank
(C) A Manager of Bank
(D) Present Customer

Which is the Correct Code about the marketing ?

(A) P = Product
(B) P = Planning for maximum Production
(C) C = Cost
(D) P = Path

‘Sense and respond’ concept is related with—

(A) Old Marketing Concept
(B) Modern Marketing Concept
(C) Product
(D) Profit

Which concept of market is based on Customer Welfare and Satisfaction ?

(A) Social Marketing Concept
(B) Production Concept
(C) Product Concept
(D) Marketing Concept

.- Online marketing is the marketing of Products or Services over the—

(A) T.V.
(B) Internet
(C) Mobile
(D) Radio

Which is the reason of Product mix ?

(A) Bye-Product
(B) Material Obsolescence Process
(C) Accounting
(D) Staff

…………to use customer contact in formation for targeted marketing—


Which is/are activities of Promotional mix ?

(A) Direct Sales
(B) Tele-marketing
(C) Internet Marketing
(D) All of these

Which is nature of marketing environment ?

(A) Satisfaction of environment
(B) Exchange of bank’s information
(C) Geographical limit
(D) All of these

Civil action Publics are—

(A) Minority Union
(B) Consumer Protection Association
(C) Social Association
(D) All of these