Marketing Aptitude MCQ-62

Cost volume Profit relationship is an important part of—

(A) Cost of Production
(B) Marginal Costing or Marginal Cost
(C) Sales
(D) Fixed cost

Advertising is a paid of non-personal Presentation or Promotion of ideas, goods or services by-

(A) An identified sponsor
(B) Customer
(C) Employee
(D) Bank

Which is the advantage of advertising ?

(A) Reminder for essential things
(B) Healthy Competition
(C) Increases Knowledge
(D) All of these

Which is the basis of selection of advertising media ?

(A) Nature of Product
(B) Nature of Message
(C) Nature of Market
(D) All of these

Organisation Policy of the bank includes—

(A) Sales Policy
(B) Purchase Policy and Stock Policy
(C) Tax Policy
(D) All of these

Which is the type of Interview ?

(A) Final Interview—Rating basis
(B) Group Interview
(C) Stress Interview
(D) All of these

Which is the function of personal selling ?

(A) Making effective sales
(B) Executive Function
(C) Service to customer
(D) All of these

Selling’s benefit is/are—

(A) Development of Personality
(B) Security
(C) Satisfaction
(D) All of these

A sales goal assigned to a marketing unit for use in the—

(A) Management of Sales efforts
(B) Planning
(C) System
(D) Object

Marketing Cost Analysis—

(A) Sales getting Costs
(B) Order Filling Costs
(C) Sales Maintenance Costs
(D) All of these

Free Sample as a Sales Promotion device is the actual offering of a free trial of a Product to—

(A) Consumer
(B) Product Produce of the organisation
(C) Staff
(D) Manager

Geo Marketing is a form of—

(A) Internet Marketing
(B) Rural Marketing
(C) Social Marketing
(D) Green Marketing

Retailing by Manufacturers includes—

(A) House-to-House Selling
(B) Mail order Retailing
(C) Own Retail Stores
(D) All of these

Which bank having the Franchise shops ?

(B) UCO Bank
(C) Punjab National Bank
(D) Allahabad Bank

Cyber marketing is known as—

(A) On-line Marketing
(B) Internet marketing
(C) E-Commerce
(D) All of these