Marketing Aptitude MCQ-60

Match the following—
List-I (Type of Marketing)

1) Green Marketing
2) Cyber Marketing
3) Relationship marketing
4) Data Base Marketing
List-II (Examples)

a. Pollution free product
b. Wireless marketing
c. Customer Relation
d. Record the data
e. Social Target
1 2 3 4

(A) a-b-c-d
(B) b-d-a-c
(C) c-a-b-d
(D) a-c-b-d

What is full form of ATM ?

(A) Automatic Teller Machine
(B) All Teller Method
(C) Act Tax Money
(D) All Tour Money

……… is a combination of philosophies,policies and strategies connecting different players within an organisation so as to coordinate their efforts in creating an overall valuable series of experiences, products and services for the customer.

(A) Cost structure and planning
(B) Advertisement
(D) Public relation

The Tier Judicial Authority of Consumer Law includes (In case of India)—

(A) District Consumer Forum
(B) State Consumer Forum
(C) Natural Level
(D) All of these

In India, the banking business are controlled and regulated by—

(A) Companies Act, 1956
(B) Banking Regulation Act, 1949
(C) Indian Contract Act, 1872
(D) All of these

Transaction Marketing means—

(A) Marketing only to strangers
(B) More selling of goods
(C) Doing banking transaction
(D) All of these

The market analysis function includes—

(A) Purchasing Power of Consumer
(B) Consumer’s Income
(C) Study of the market environment
(D) All of these

Social marketing—

(A) Is a social product
(B) Is a social transaction
(C) Is the design, implementation and control of programmes. Seeking increase the acceptability of a social idea or practice in a target group
(D) Is a technique

Which of the following bank is based on new marketing concept ?

(A) Union Bank of India
(B) State Bank of India
(C) UCO Bank
(D) All of these

Societal Marketing Concept involves—

(A) Long run welfare of society
(B) Long run satisfaction of customer
(C) Research and Development
(D) All of these

New concept of marketing includes —

(A) Needs and Requirements of customer
(B) Product
(C) Sales
(D) Profit

Which is Bye-Product of a Bank ?

(A) ATM Card provided by the Bank on opening of a Saving Account
(B) ATM Card*
(C) Credit Card
(D) MasterCard

Product mix is/are—

(A) Brand name
(B) Product Quality or design
(C) Style
(D) All of these

Which is a Private Bank ?

(A) HDFC Bank
(B) State Bank of India
(C) Union Bank of India
(D) UCO Bank

Need of marketing environment includes —

(A) Knowledge Fluctuation in banking system
(B) Knowledge of Changes
(C) Measurement of risk
(D) All of these