Marketing Aptitude MCQ-59

Promotional Advertising includes—

(A) Window Advertising
(B) Interior Display
(C) Showroom and Exhibition
(D) All of these

Market research includes—

(A) Survey of Customers
(B) Product Survey
(C) Market Survey
(D) All of these

The function relation to Sales force management includes—

(A) Fixation of Remuneration
(B) Training
(C) Selection and Appointment
(D) All of these

Authority is—

(A) the right to decide and the Power to act to carry out decisions
(B) the Product of management
(C) Technique
(D) System

Which is not the method of motivation of Salesmen ?

(A) Effective Communication
(B) Sales Conference
(C) Accounting
(D) Sales Contests

The subject matter of Contract of sale is—

(A) Employees of Marketing organisation
(B) Goods
(C) Bank Building
(D) ATM Machine

Personal and Impersonal activity of Selling includes—

(A) Advertisement or Sales Promotion
(B) Publicity
(C) Public relation
(D) All of these

Which is the stage of Marketing planning ?

(A) Analysis of Problem
(B) Setting the goal or objectives
(C) Programme Preparation
(D) All of these

Country unit is suitable for—

(A) State Bank of India
(B) American Express
(D) UCO Bank

Sales Performance of Bank includes—

(A) To introduce ATM Card
(B) To Sanctioning the Bank loan
(C) To open new ATM centre
(D) All of these

Sales Promotion as a tool of markets Promotion gives rise to increase in Product usage as well as expansion of markets for a product or—

(A) Introduction of a new staff
(B) Introduction of a new Product
(C) Cost
(D) Price

Which is the benefit of Sales Promotion ?

(A) Skill development of the users
(B) Thrill in life due to contests
(C) Low Price Product
(D) All of these

Direct distribution channel is—

(A) Producer —> Consumer
(B) Producer—> Wholesaler—> Agent
(C) Producer —> Agent —> Retailer
(D) Producer—> Retailer

Which is type of retailer ?

(A) Super market
(B) Vending machine
(C) Discount Retailer
(D) All of these

Which is the service of channel of distribution?

(A) Financing
(B) Helps in pricing
(C) Helps in market expansion
(D) All of these