Marketing Aptitude MCQ-72

Sales Promotion may be effective, when ………… techniques are used.

(A) Advertising and Salesmanship
(B) Research
(C) Pricing

Which is the factor of distribution channel ?

(A) Size of the manufacturer
(B) Product weight
(C) Perish ability
(D) All of these

Retailer is/are—

(A) Departmental stores and Speciality Retailer
(B) Large Retailer
(C) Wholesaler
(D) A and B

The type of distribution channel is—

(A) Producer —> Consumer —> Agent—> Wholesaler —> Retailer
(B) Producer —> Agent —> Wholesaler—> Retailer —> Consumer
(C) Agent —> Consumer—> Wholesaler—> Producer —> Retailer
(D) Retailer —> Consumer —> Producer—> Wholesaler—> Agent

BPO stand for –

(A) Budget product online
(B) Balance of payment
(C) Business process outsourcing
(D) All of these

The ethical aspect of marketing involves—

(A) Standard quality of Advertisement
(B) Customer service
(C) Social values
(D) All of these

SEA stand for (in case CRM)—

(A) Sales Force Automation
(B) Sales Fixed Act
(C) Sales Full Act
(D) Storage Fixed Act

DSA is an agent of—

(B) State Bank of India
(C) Union Bank of India

Which is/are the books of bank?

(A) Rough Cash Book
(B) Fair Cash Book
(C) General Cash Book
(D) All of these

NRI is an easy target for effective marketing because—

(A) He likes Indian goods
(B) He does not like Indian goods
(C) He is easily approachable
(D) It is cheaper to contract NRIs

Which is the correct matching ?

(A) Organisation—World Trade Organisation and RBI
(B) Properties—Issue Houses
(C) Place ^Jaipur
(D) All of these

………… is the managerial Process by which Products are matched with markets and through which transfers of ownership are affected.

(A) Accounting
(B) Financial planning and management
(C) Marketing
(D) Advertisement

Marketing concept is based on—

(A) Customer-oriented
(B) Product-oriented and centred
(C) Profit
(D) Loss

The Selling Concept applies on—

(A) Bank and other Financial Institution
(B) Insurance
(C) Gas
(D) All of these

A short code involve —(In case of Digital Marketing)

(A) Two digit number
(B) Five digit number
(C) Three digit number
(D) Four digit number