Marketing Aptitude MCQ-73

‘Sales growth of bank depends on—

(A) Respective Product Life Cycle
(B) Cost Planning
(C) Price
(D) Salary

Who is the father of Four C’s of marketing ?

(A) Philip Kotler
(B) Stanton, Armstrong and Clark
(C) Rath
(D) Robert Lauterborn

NBAs stand for—(In case of bank)

(A) Net Book Assets
(B) Non-Banking Assets
(C) Non-Book Act
(D) Non-Banking Act

The suppliers can be selected by—

(A) Regularity in goods supply
(B) Quality of goods
(C) Price of supply
(D) All of these

Bio-technology is a outcome of—

(A) Economic environment
(B) Technological environment
(C) Social environment
(D) Cultural environment

Which is the basis for Market Segmentation ?

(A) Consumer Market
(B) Industrial Market
(C) Demographic Market
(D) All of these

Target market means—

(A) New market
(B) Present market
(C) Profit centre
(D) Cost centre

Which is the bank’s product ?

(A) Bank Overdraft
(B) Non-Performing Assets
(C) Fixed Assets of a bank
(D) Employee

Which is the maturity Product of a bank ?

(A) Fixed term deposits
(B) Senior Citizen Deposit Scheme
(C) Car loan
(D) All of these

Who may be Product/Service Influencer ?

(A) Buyer of Product or Services
(B) Decider
(C) User
(D) All of these

Tata Indica is a—

(A) Advertisement
(B) Brand Name
(C) Research and development stage of Product
(D) Company

………… is raw material for a sugar industry.

(A) Sugarcane
(B) Machine and Storage for Sugarcane
(C) Tea
(D) Coal

The Importance of Product life cycle includes—

(A) Facilitates Sales Forecasting
(B) Help in Product Control
(C) Help in Promotional decision
(D) All of these :

Union Kisan Card is ………… of the Union Bank of India.

(A) Production Style
(B) Pricing Policy and Controlling tools
(C) Product Item
(D) Expenses