Marketing Aptitude MCQ-71

Government Policy includes —

(A) MRTP Act, 1969
(B) Competition Policy
(C) Consumer Protection Policy
(D) All of these

Which is the type of Cost?

(A) Fixed Cost
(B) Variable Cost
(C) Average Cost
(D) All of these

A Fixed Cost include—

(A) Rent of Bank Building
(B) Rates
(C) Insurance
(D) All of these

Sales Intelligence CRM includes —

(A) Cross Selling
(B) Customer Drift
(C) Sales Performance
(D) All of these

Media Selection decision involves—

(A) Distribution Policy
(B) Circulation of the Media
(C) Media Cost
(D) All of these

The rural market is highly influenced by —

(A) The rural behavioral factors operating in the Country
(B) Cost
(C) Life
(D) Tradition

The function of Sales management is/are—

(A) Collection of data relating to sales
(B) Collection of Credit
(C) Sales Research
(D) All of these

Job Statement includes —

(A) Job Summary
(B) Name of Job
(C) Training
(D) All of these

Which is responsible for supervision in case of marketing or sales ?

(A) Branch Manager of the organisation
(B) Sales supervisor
(C) Crew Manager
(D) All of these

Type of goods includes—

(A) Existing goods or Future goods
(B) Specific goods
(C) Contingent goods
(D) All of these

Product planning and Development function includes —

(A) Branding or Brand name
(B) Financial Transaction
(C) Audit
(D) Resources

Marketing planning in the Product oriented organisation includes—

(A) Sales Promotion
(B) Product development and Marketing Research
(C) Advertisement
(D) All of these

Which is not the factor of Sales Territory ?

(A) Government Policy
(B) Demand of the Product
(C) Winding up
(D) Nature of the Product

Customer Analysis involves—

(A) Government department
(B) Super bazar
(C) Departmental store
(D) All of these

Which is/are the functions of Sales Promotion ?

(A) Stimulation of Consumers
(B) Aid to Salesmen
(C) Help to Middlemen
(D) All of these