Marketing Aptitude MCQ-70

Loan and Advance of a bank is —

(A) Assets of bank
(B) Liabilities of bank
(C) Bill
(D) Cost

Marketing intermediaries are—

(A) Retailer or Wholesaler
(B) Personal Selling
(C) Advertisement
(D) Government

Which is result of technological change in the banking system ?

(A) ATM Centre
(B) Non Performing Assets
(C) Performing Assets
(D) Bank

Which is method of Market Segmentation ?

(A) Each buyer a Separate Market
(B) Cost Plus
(C) Discount
(D) Age

The benefits of market segmentation includes—

(A) To determine the Product mix
(B) To select the targeted market
(C) To search attractive marketing options
(D) All of these

Life Style of a customer includes —

(A) Perception of customer
(B) Motivation
(C) Cultural value of customer
(D) All of these

Which is Prestige Product of a bank ?

(A) ATM Card
(B) International Debit and Credit Card
(C) Credit Card
(D) All of these

Who is the sole player in the family ?

(A) Initiator—The Person who requires the Product
(B) Influencer
(C) Decider
(D) All of these

Tangible Product is/are—

(A) Car or Scooter
(B) House and T.V.
(C) Furniture
(D) All of these

Raw material is—

(A) Agricultural Product
(B) Chemical
(C) Mineral oil or Product
(D) All of these

Micro Finance is related to—

(A) High Class income Person
(B) Poor Person
(C) Industry
(D) Railway

SBI Golden Card is ………… of the SBI.

(A) Product Item
(B) Product Knowledge and Storage
(C) Product line
(D) Cost

Which is the element of a good brand ?

(A) Short and Sweet Brand
(B) Projects qualities
(C) Economy
(D) All of these

Trickle-across Theory is concerned with—

(A) Salary and wage determination
(B) Fashion
(C) Brand
(D) Patent

Price is—

(A) The amount of money charged for Product or Services
(B) A Product
(C) Method
(D) Loss