Marketing Aptitude MCQ-53

The objectives of Market Segmentation includes—

(A) To make Real Customers to the Prospects Customers of the company
(B) To make Customer-oriented to marketing activities of the firm
(C) To find out the new markets
(D) All of these

In case of Saving deposits in a bank, the user status will be—

(A) Potential Investor
(B) First time Oepositor
(C) Regular Customer
(D) Second Customer

The Secondary Buying motive is—

(A) To be Superior
(B) Curiosity
(C) To take a risk from the market
(D) Product

The Personal Consumer of a bank is—

(A) A person who is a servant of bank
(B) Mr. Ram
(C) A Corporate body
(D) A firm

Products that are marketed include—

(A) Physical goods and Services
(B) Experiences and Events
(C) Persons
(D) All of these

Intangible Product is/are—

(A) Insurance or Entertainment
(B) Television
(C) Computer
(D) Furniture

Innovation means—

(A) New idea
(B) New Product or Production Style
(C) New raw material
(D) All of these

Which is the example of brand ?

(A) Colgate and Ponds
(B) Bata and Raymond
(C) Postmen and Vimal
(D) All of these

A ……… is a kind of design or art form that is unchanging.

(A) Research and development
(B) Product identification
(C) Style
(D) Brand

Price is a_

(A) Consideration of a Product or Service
(B) Brand
(C) Cost
(D) Advertisement

The Factors influencing price determination includes —

(A) Organisational factors
(B) Marketing Mix
(C) Cost of the Product
(D) All of these

Pricing objectives involves—

(A) Skim the Cream
(B) Targeted Rate of Return
(C) Price Stabilization
(D) All of these

The element of cost includes—

(A) Direct Material
(B) Direct Labour
(C) Other direct expenses
(D) All of these

Which is the type of discount ?

(A) Full discount
(B) Marginal cost discount
(C) Cash discount
(D) All of these

Mail Advertising includes—

(A) Price list
(B) Business Reply Envelope
(C) Novelty Gift
(D) All of these