Marketing Aptitude MCQ-56

Which is required for effective Segmentation ?

(A) Measurable
(B) Easy Accessibility
(C) Substantiality
(D) All of these

The factors of target market involves—

(A) Social Responsibility
(B) Government Policy
(C) Competitors Strategies
(D) All of these

Which is/are buying motives ?

(A) Possession on Property or Ticket
(B) Vanity
(C) Health
(D) All of these

Which is the Personal Factor of the bank’s Consumer ?

(A) Age of the Consumer
(B) Life Cycle Stage
(C) Lifestyle
(D) All of these

The Physical features aspect of Product is/are—

(A) Colour and Size of Product
(B) Product quality
(C) Brand
(D) All of these

Assembly industry is related to—

(A) Component Parts
(B) Main or Primary Parts
(C) Production
(D) Finance

The Factors of PLC includes —

(A) Product Regulatory System
(B) Risk
(C) Competition level
(D) All of these

Product Planning is required for—

(A) Basis of marketing Programme
(B) Minimisation risk
(C) Instrumental in growth
(D) All of these

Packaging is required due to—

(A) Facilitates use of Product
(B) Facilitates Product identification
(C) Promotional role
(D) All of these

An organisation should be—

(A) Product oriented
(B) Consumer oriented
(C) Profit oriented
(D) All of these

Maximizing Profit is possible, when—

(A) Monopoly Position in the market
(B) High Product Price
(C) MC = MR
(D) All of these

Which is cost based Pricing method ?

(A) Cost plus method
(B) Mark-up methods
(C) Target return method
(D) All of these

Which is/are the reason of non-Price Competition ?

(A) Faithfulness among Customers
(B) Price Stability
(C) Price Control
(D) All of these

All Costs Fixed and Variable are charged to—

(A) Product
(B) Bank Building and Land Tax
(C) Sales
(D) Profit

……… has been defined as the dissemination of information concerning an idea, service or product to compel action in accordance with the interest of the advertiser.

(A) Production development and planning
(B) Advertising
(C) Sales
(D) Marketing