Marketing Aptitude MCQ-49

DMA stands for—

(A) Digital Market Area
(B) Demand Money Area
(C) Designated Market Area
(D) Designated Money Activity

Marketing should be resorted—

(A) Only among rich persons
(B) Depends on the product
(C) Only among the poor
(D) Only in crowded areas

Which is the function of marketing ?

(A) Contractual
(B) Commercialization and Publicity
(C) Pricing
(D) All of these

Which is the base of Customer-oriented Concept of Marketing ?

(A) Customer is king of market
(B) Product or Service
(C) Price
(D) Planning

Which is Plastic money ?

(A) Credit Card and Debit Card
(B) Rupee
(C) Dollar
(D) Bank Draft

Bata Shoe is the —

(A) Product Item
(B) Product planning and development
(C) Product mix
(D) Product line

Which is the First ‘P’ of Marketing ?

(A) Planning relating to maximum sales
(B) Product
(C) Price
(D) Place

Physical distribution of a product involves—

(A) Packaging
(B) Transportation of a product
(C) Storage
(D) All of these

How many partners may be in a banking company ?

(A) 10
(B) No. of partner may be decided by customer
(C) 15
(D) 20

Grouping of buyers is described as—

(A) Customer planning
(B) Market Segmentation
(C) Product
(D) Buyer

Homogeneous group is related with—

(A) Promotion
(B) Sales Planning and Control
(C) Market Segmentation
(D) Cost

Behavioural basis of Market Segmentation includes—

(A) Buying occasions
(B) Loyalty or brand loyalty
(C) Attitude
(D) All of these

The Secondary Buying motives is/are—

(A) Bargains
(B) Market information and efficiency
(C) Cleanliness
(D) All of these

Which is/are Buying Motives technique ?

(A) Projective Technique
(B) Experience and Knowledge Technique
(C) Interview Techniques
(D) None of these

Which is the type of Consumer ?

(A) Personal Consumer
(B) Active Personal Consumer
(C) Risk taker
(D) All of these