Marketing Aptitude MCQ-57

……… includes management of digital customer data and electronic customer relationship management systems.

(A) Cost marketing and product marketing
(B) Internet marketing
(C) Brand marketing
(D) Old marketing

“Good people to bank with” is mark name of the—

(A) Union Bank of India
(B) State Bank of India
(C) UCO Bank

FOR is—

(A) Fixed Date Rate
(B) Full Date Rate
(C) (Q Fixed Deposit Receipts
(D) All of these

Which of the following is not a channel for bank marketing ?

(A) Telemarketing
(B) Internet Banking
(C) Mobile banking
(D) None of these

Which is the subject Matter of marketing ?

(A) Man
(B) Labour
(C) Planning
(D) Goods and Services

Marketing comprises—

(A) Buying and Production
(B) Production
(C) Buying and Selling activities
(D) Auditing

Bank risk is related with—

(A) Non-performing assets
(B) Deposits
(C) Fund
(D) Service

Match the following—
List-I (Type of Marketing Concept)

1) Production Concept
2) Product Concept
3) Selling Concept
4) Marketing Concept

List-II (Based)

(a) Production-oriented
(b) Product-oriented
(c) Sales-oriented
(d) Customer-oriented
(e) Plant-oriented

Codes: (B) b d c a
(C) c a b d
(D) a d c b

Which is economic product ?

(A) Inflation
(B) Population and Congestion Problem
(C) Pollution
(D) All of these

Homogeneous word may be used in—

(A) Product Simplification
(B) Large Scale Production and Storage
(C) Market Segmentation
(D) Growth

Uncontrollable Factor of marketing mix is/ are—

(A) Consumer behaviour
(B) Competition
(C) Market System
(D) All of these

NPA stand for—

(A) Net Par Assets
(B) Non-Performing Assets
(C) Net Performing Assets
(D) All of these

Government Policies is/are —

(A) Purchasing Policies of the Government
(B) Subsidy Policy
(C) Production and Distribution Policy of Public Sector
(D) All of these

Technological environment consists—

(A) Status of Technology
(B) Option relating to Technology
(C) Cost of Technology
(D) All of these

The purpose of Segmentation is—

(A) To determine difference among buyers which may be consequential in choosing among them or marketing to them
(B) To allocating Fund
(C) To allocating Product
(D) To Pricing