Marketing Aptitude MCQ-83

In maturity Stage Product will be—

(A) Product Innovation by Research and development
(B) Change in Product Mix
(C) Net mode of utility
(D) All of these

Product Innovation includes—

(A) Development of new Product or new Services
(B) Development of form of Product and Services
(C) Improvement in existing Production Process
(D) All of these

Type of brand is—

(A) Individual brand and Family brand
(B) National brand
(C) Regional brand
(D) All of these

A ………… is any style which is popularly accepted and Purchased by Several Successive groups of people over reasonably long period of time.

(A) Sales Promotion technique
(B) Fashion
(C) Cost
(D) Rent

Which is a form of Price ?

(A) Wage or Salary
(B) Interest on loan or Interest on money
(C) Hire
(D) All of these

Business relationship includes—

(A) Interaction with suppliers
(B) Pricing
(C) Production
(D) Analysis

Skim the Cream is related with—

(A) Maximisation of Profit
(B) Cash Recovery
(C) Product-line Promotion
(D) Profit Maximization

Marginal Cost =

(A) Total Cost of Product – Profit
(B) Prime Cost + Total Variable overheads
(C) Tax
(D) Loss

Which is the essential commodity in India ?

(A) Rice
(B) Wheat and Maize
(C) Sugar
(D) All of these

Which is the means of advertising ?

(A) Radio and Television
(B) Cinema
(C) Gift
(D) All of these

The steps in Scientific Advertising Campaign includes —

(A) Decision to advertise
(B) Determining advertising objectives
(C) Marketing research
(D) All of these

Which is the feature of Rural Marketing in Indian Economy ?

(A) High literacy rate
(B) The rural market covers the maximum population and number of consumers
(C) High income level
(D) More Expensive

E-mail marketing is a part of—

(A) Internet Marketing
(B) Digital Marketing
(C) Social Marketing
(D) Green Marketing

Which is the incentive Remuneration Plan for a Salesmen of the organisation ?

(A) Salary and Commission Method
(B) Risk
(C) Cost
(D) Quality Product

A sale is a—

(A) Contract
(B) Tool of Marketing Management
(C) Concept
(D) Product