Marketing Aptitude MCQ-64

Which is government policy ?

(A) Capital market
(B) Nationalization
(C) Privatisation and Export Policy
(D) All of these

Which is Industrial Market Segmentation’s Factor ?

(A) Quality of the business
(B) Way of Purchase
(C) Size of Consumer
(D) All of these

Cash is ……… assets of a bank.

(A) Current
(B) Fixed
(C) Current and Fixed
(D) Fictitious

Which is the factors relating to target market ?

(A) Product Characteristics and Product Variety
(B) Company resources
(C) Goals of the firm
(D) All of these

A ………… is any style which is popularly accepted and Purchased by Several Successive groups of People over a reasonably long Period of time.

(A) Brand
(B) Production style or method
(C) Fashion
(D) Design

Consumer Credit is/are—

(A) Car loan
(B) Personal and Consumable Product loan
(C) House loan
(D) All of these

The role of studying consumer behaviour includes—

(A) Help in Promotional Policies
(B) Help in mix decision
(C) Help in setting marketing policy
(D) All of these

Which is Trademark name of Product ?

(A) Maruti-Suzuki-Maruti-800
(B) Tata-India
(C) Union-Kisan Card
(D) All of these

What is FOR in case of Bank?

(A) Full Division Rate
(B) Fixed Deposits Receipts
(C) Full Document Roll
(D) All of these

Which Factor Influencing Product life cycle —

(A) Speed of technological change and development
(B) Competition
(C) Goodwill
(D) All of these

Product Simplification organisation is—

(A) Hindustan Lever Ltd.
(B) Union Bank of India
(C) Peter England
(D) All of these

……… involves all the activities of designing and Producing the container for a Product.

(A) Product Planning and Style
(B) Packaging
(C) Sales Promotion and Research Planning
(D) Patent

Product development includes —

(A) Guarantee and Condition on of the Product
(B) Brand
(C) Label
(D) All of these

The objectives of Pricing includes—

(A) Profit oriented objectives
(B) Skimming the Cream Price
(C) Sales oriented objectives
(D) (A)and(C)

SFA stands for—

(A) Sale for Activity
(B) Sales Force Automation
(C) Sale for Allotment
(D) Save Fund Application