Marketing Aptitude MCQ-51

In Profit Share method, remuneration is given, when—

(A) Profit making
(B) Loss making
(C) No Profit or no loss
(D) Reserve

A contract of sale includes—

(A) A sale
(B) An agreement to sell
(C) Transfer of Gift and guarantee
(D) Both A and B

Selling includes—

(A) Public relation and Personal Selling
(B) Advertising
(C) Sales Promotion
(D) All of these

Which factor affecting marketing planning ?

(A) National Production and National Income
(B) Price Trend
(C) Monetary Policy
(D) All of these

Which is the part of Distribution of Sales Territory?

(A) Sales persons or Salesman
(B) Sales Department
(C) Dealers or Distributors
(D) All of these

Statement Analysis in respect of Sales Control includes ?

(A) Promotional expenses and Selling expenses
(B) Net Profit
(C) Total Sales
(D) All of these

Promotion is required due to—

(A) Employment
(B) Maximization Sales
(C) Production
(D) Relation

Publicity is a—

(A) Advertising devices
(B) Production and development tool
(C) Promotional Mix
(D) Pricing

Vending Machine is—

(A) A pricing system
(B) Cost planning and Management System
(C) Distribution Channel
(D) All of these

Retailing consists—

(A) Of those activities involved in selling directly to ultimate consumers
(B) Managerial activity
(C) Accounting
(D) Auditing

Channels of distribution are paths consisting of economic institutions through which a producer of goods delivers his products into the hands of—

(A) Ultimate consumer
(B) Marketing mix and classification
(C) Retailer
(D) Wholesaler

Which is the key party of Relationship marketing ?

(A) Customers
(B) Suppliers
(C) Distributors
(D) None of these

Which is/are international body ?

(B) International Monetary Fund
(D) A and B both are

Which is not the variations of CRM ?

(A) Enrollment Management
(B) Collaborative CRM
(C) Cost CRM
(D) Campaign Management

Relationship marketing emphasizes rather than individual transactions and per-case customer resolution.

(A) Customer retention and continual satisfaction
(B) Cost
(C) Brand
(D) Image