Marketing Aptitude MCQ-58

Who is Prospect Customers ?

(A) Potential Customer
(B) Present Customer and Manager
(C) Staff
(D) Assets

Which is the basis of Psychographic Segmentation ?

(A) Life Style of the Customer
(B) Personality
(C) Values in life
(D) All of these

Which is buying motives ?

(A) Sociability and Striving
(B) Rest and Recreation
(C) Pride
(D) All of these

Which is the types of family as per purchase decision maker ?

(A) Husband-dominated family
(B) Wife-dominated family
(C) Synergetic family
(D) All of these

Which is the characteristics of Product ?

(A) Anything that can be utilised or consumed
(B) Tangible Product
(C) Special Features
(D) All of these

Which is durable Product ?

(A) Washing Machine and Car
(B) Milk
(C) Tea
(D) Ghee

Micro Finance is an/a …………… of banking Services.

(A) Introduction Stage
(B) Saturation Stage
(C) Decline Stage or Research Stage
(D) All of these

Test marketing means —

(A) Test the Product before the Commercial Production
(B) Valuation
(C) Vouching
(D) Concept

Which is the bank brand ?

(A) Can Card
(B) SBI Mutual Fund
(C) HDFC Standard Life Insurance
(D) All of these

A fashion is always based on—

(A) Product or Service Pricing method
(B) Some Style
(C) Cost
(D) Brand

Anti Social Price includes —

(A) Price of black market
(B) Gift
(C) Tax
(D) Commission for Sales

Which is external factors of Pricing ?

(A) Product demand
(B) Competition
(C) Buyer’s behaviour and nature
(D) All of these

Basis of Price level includes —

(A) Meeting Competition Policy
(B) Barter Pricing Policy
(C) Price lining Policy
(D) All of these

Marginal Cost =

(A) Total Cost – Fixed Cost
(B) Cost of Product – Tax
(C) Tax-1
(D) Sales-Stock

The Sales of goods Act includes—

(A) Purchaser or Buyer
(B) Seller or Vendor
(C) Price
(D) All of these