Marketing Aptitude MCQ-54

Which is the drawback of advertising ?

(A) Reduction of ethics
(B) Mis-Statement Presentation
(C) Wastage of money
(D) All of these

Sales plan involves—

(A) Price of Product and Services
(B) Sales Area
(C) Determination of Sales Methods
(D) All of these

Decentralisation refers to—

(A) The systematic effort to delegate to the lowest levels all authority except that which can be exercised at central points
(B) The Product of organisation
(C) The plan of Production
(D) All of these

Method of Motivation of Salesmen includes—

(A) Sales Contests
(B) Honour Awards and Recognition
(C) Motion Pictures
(D) All of these

Selling is a ………… function.

(A) Product or Services Pricing
(B) Perpetual Function
(C) Production
(D) Demand

Which is the Internal Factor of organisation ?

(A) Production Knowledge and Skill
(B) Fund available
(C) Status of Raw Material
(D) All of these

A Sales territory is a geographical area containing Present and Potential Customers who can be effectively and economically served by a—

(A) Single Salesman or branch
(B) Dealer
(C) Distributor
(D) All of these

Sales Volume analysis includes —

(A) Total Sales Analysis
(B) Territorial Analysis
(C) Product-line Analysis
(D) All of these

Which is true about Sales Promotion ?

(A) There is difference between Sales Promotion and Personal Selling
(B) There is difference between advertising and Sales Promotion
(C) It is a part of Promotional mix
(D) All of these

Retailing is—

(A) Supermarket
(B) Bank
(C) Wholesaler
(D) All of these

Which is related to selling final consumer products to householders—

(A) Retailing
(B) Product and Research Planning
(C) Financing
(D) Storing

The channel of product and consumer is—

(A) Product or service
(B) Agent, Retailer or Wholesaler
(C) Producer
(D) Govt.

In Marketing BPO is a product of—

(A) Globalization
(B) Liberalisation
(C) Privatisation
(D) Product planning and development

Which is the feature of service marketing ?

(A) Intangibility
(B) Inseparateability and variability
(C) Perish ability
(D) All of these

Which is true about the CRM ?

(A) CRM software is used to support these processes, storing information on customers and prospective customers
(B) Information in the system can be accessed and entered by employees in different departments
(C) CRM applies on sales, marketing, customer service, training professional development, performance management and compensation
(D) All of these