Marketing Aptitude MCQ-76

Which is Government Policy ?

(A) Material Planning and Development
(B) Tax Policy
(C) Product Planning and Development
(D) Storage

Government Policy includes—

(A) Price Policy
(B) Trade and Marketing Policy
(C) Packing Policy
(D) All of these

Four C’s of marketing expresses—

(A) Market’s view
(B) Seller’s view
(C) Buyer’s or customer’s view
(D) Product’s view

PSBs is a-(In case of bank)

(A) Public Social Books
(B) Public Sector Banks
(C) Private Social Banks
(D) All of these

Which is marketing intermediaries of a bank ?

(A) Direct Sales Agent
(C) Credit Card
(D) Debit Card

R and D means—

(A) Research and Development
(B) Rate and Division
(C) Research and Department
(D) All of these

The basis for Consumer Market includes—

(A) Income of Consumer
(B) Age of Consumer
(C) Sex of Consumer
(D) All of these

Target customer means—

(A) New customer
(B) New and present customer and Staff
(C) Profit centre
(D) Cost centre

Brand loyalty may be used for—

(A) Customer of a bank
(B) Product Planning and Controlling
(C) Place mix
(D) Advertisement

Which is Psychological Buying Motives ?

(A) Hungry
(B) Thirst
(C) Sleeping
(D) All of these

Which is the Psychological factors ?

(A) Basic needs
(B) Physiological needs
(C) Need for self actualization
(D) All of these

Union Saver is a—

(A) Union Bank Product
(B) Cost Planning and Cost Structure
(C) Cost
(D) Wage

‘MRO’ is—

(A) More-Rate Over
(B) Maintenance Repair and Operating
(C) Money-Rate Over
(D) All of these

The Promotional decision involves—

(A) Advertisement and Sales Promotion
(B) Publicity
(C) Public relations
(D) All of these

Which is the Product line of the Bank ?

(A) Car loan
(B) Home loan and Education loan
(C) Personal loan
(D) All of these