Marketing Aptitude MCQ-77

The right of Patent’s use is known as—

(A) Royalty
(B) Wage and Salary Administration
(C) Assets
(D) Cost

Which is/are the Principle of Product development ?

(A) Principle of Standardization
(B) Principle of Simplification
(C) Principle of Specialization
(D) All of these

Which is importance of Price ?

(A) Income and Profit
(B) Base of Product Valuation
(C) Product regulation
(D) All of these

Which is/are stage of the economy ?

(A) Growth in the economy
(B) Inflation
(C) Deflation
(D) All of these

Fixed Cost includes—

(A) Tax on bank building and land
(B) Rent of Bank Building
(C) Administrative exp.
(D) All of these

Total Cost can be computed by—

(A) Cost + Sales
(B) Selling expense + Cost
(C) Variable Cost + Fixed Cost
(D) Sales-Profit

Compaign Management includes—

(A) Tracking or Storing
(B) Sale
(C) Purchase
(D) Role

Advertising agencies are organisations of—

(A) Specialist in advertising
(B) Product
(C) Brand
(D) Service

Which is the Principle of effective advertising ?

(A) It must be creative
(B) Prove your Product’s value
(C) Use Pictures
(D) All of these

Sales organisation is—

(A) Planning, direction and control of Personal Selling including recruiting, selecting, training, equipping, assigning, supervising, paying and motivating as these tasks apply to the personal sales force
(B) is an organisation deals the Production transaction of firm
(C) a part of Purchase department
(D) a Promotion technique

Which is the Sources of Salesman recruitment?

(A) Advertisement
(B) Planned economy and Notice
(C) Developed Programme
(D) Committee

………… is basically a method of communication.

(A) Product Planning and Product Pricing
(B) Brand
(C) Personal Selling
(D) Market

Which statement is true about selling ?

(A) It is a Productive activity
(B) It is a Product
(C) It is a technique of Production
(D) It is a accounting mode

Who is the member of Marketing Planning Organisation ?

(A) Department Head
(B) Marketing Planning Committee
(C) Marketing Planning Staff
(D) All of these

Sales territories increases—

(A) Profit of the organisation
(B) Individual Satisfaction
(C) Efficient Services
(D) All of these