Marketing Aptitude MCQ-41

Product Planning means—

(A) The act of making out and Supervising the Search, Screening, development and Commercialisation of new Products the modification of existing lines and the discontinuance of marginal or unprofitable items
(B) Innovation of Company
(C) Pricing
(D) Selling

Product development is—

(A) A strategy for company growth by offering modified or new Products to Current Market Segment
(B) A Pricing
(C) A Sales Promotion
(D) A Style

Product modification Strategies includes—

(A) Quality Improvement Strategy
(B) Style Improvement Strategy
(C) Functional features Improvement Strategy
(D) All of these

MR means —

(A) Money and Rate
(B) Marginal revenue from Product
(C) Money and Reserve
(D) More Reserve

Pricing Procedure includes—

(A) Production Cost
(B) Satisfaction level of Consumer
(C) Estimating Product demand
(D) All of these

Which is Pricing Strategy ?

(A) Low Price Strategy
(B) Skimming the Cream Strategy
(C) High Price Strategy
(D) All of these

Variable Cost + Fixed Cost ± Profit or Loss—

(A) Sales
(B) Selling Cost or expenses of Bank
(C) Revenue
(D) Tax

Which is the type of advertising ?

(A) Direct Advertising
(B) Indirect Action Advertising
(C) Primary Demand Advertising
(D) All of these

VAT stand for …….

(A) Value Added Tax
(B) Value After Tax
(C) Value After Technique
(D) All of these

Which is department of a Sales organisation ?

(A) Credit department
(B) Training department
(C) Sales Promotion department
(D) All of these

Which is the Steps of Selection Process of Salesmen ?

(A) Reference Investigation
(B) Work Introduction
(C) Final Selection
(D) All of these

Sales Standards includes—

(A) Sales Quota
(B) Selling expenses Ratio
(C) Share of divisional Profit
(D) All of these

e-Marketing is the —

(A) Product
(B) Tool of Costing
(C) Cost
(D) Marketing of Product or services over the Internet

Internet Marketing is associated with—

(A) B2C
(B) Price
(C) Product
(D) TV

Which is a part of Pre-planning ?

(A) Marketing Programme
(B) Sales
(C) Profit and Expenses of the Organisation
(D) Market