Marketing Aptitude MCQ-47

Which is Intangible Services ?

(A) Banking and Insurance
(B) Health Club
(C) Hospital
(D) All of these

Match the following—
List-I (Stage of PLC)

1) Introduction Stage
2) Growth Stage
3) Maturity Stage
4) Saturation Stage

List-II (Bank’s Marketing Strategies)

(a) Advertisement
(b) New Model of Product (Demate A/c)
(c) R&D
(d) Cost Management
(e) Disposal
Codes :1-2-3-4

(A) a-c-b-d
(B) b-d-c-a
(C) a-b-c-d
(D) a-e-b-d

Which is compulsory for Product planning and development ?

(A) Salesmen and their ability
(B) Company Manager
(C) Innovation
(D) Cost

A brand is a—

(A) Symbol or a word
(B) Cost
(C) Service
(D) Liability and Research

Which is the part of a Product which carries verbal information about the Product or the seller (manufacturer or middlemen).

(A) Label
(B) Product Simplification
(C) Product diversification
(D) All of these

Price of an article or service is its market value expressed in terms of—

(A) Money
(B) Cost of Capital and Cost of Production
(C) Sales
(D) Profit

Which is the reason for maximising sales volume ?

(A) Uses of Promotional techniques
(B) To maintain Competition Price
(C) To Provide discount
(D) All of these

Pricing decision is affected by —

(A) Objectives of the Manufacturer
(B) Cost of the Product
(C) Competition
(D) All of these

Marginal Cost means the—

(A) Same thing as Variable Cost
(B) Total Cost
(C) Tax
(D) Profit

EEC is stand for—

(A) Break-even chart
(B) Book even Cost
(C) Book even Chart
(D) Break-even Centre

Which is using the letter box to tell the right people about the right goods at the right time in the right way.

(A) Sticker Advertising
(B) Direct mail advertising
(C) Posters
(D) Electric Display

Which is the evils of advertising ?

(A) Advertising adds to the cost
(B) Increases sales
(C) Price stability
(D) Improve quality of life

Which is the function of Sales Management ?

(A) Control on Sales Activities
(B) Preparation of Sales plan
(C) Motivation
(D) All of these

State Bank of India is a—

(A) Branch Office type organisation
(B) Head Office organisation
(C) Salesmen organisation
(D) All of these

Which is the motivation method of salesmen ?

(A) Incentive Remunerative Plans
(B) Promotion
(C) Participation
(D) All of these