Marketing Aptitude MCQ-48

Which is the element of contract of sale ?

(A) Two Parties
(B) Competency of the Parties
(C) Transfer of Property
(D) All of these

Selling is based on—

(A) Personal and Impersonal activity
(B) Productive Function
(C) Perpetual Function
(D) All of these

“Sales territory is the basic unit of Sales planning and Sales Control”—who said ?

(A) Maynard and Davis
(B) Still and Cundiff
(C) Rath
(D) Kotler

EOQ stand for-

(A) Economic on Quality
(B) Economic Order Quantity
(C) Even-on-Quality
(D) Evaluation-on-Quantity

Which is/are factors of Promotion ?

(A) Nature of the Product
(B) Product Life Cycle
(C) Nature of the Market
(D) All of these

Personal Selling is a—

(A) Cost technique and Planning tool
(B) Promotional tool
(C) Gift
(D) Sales

Which is the latest distribution system ?

(A) Telephonic distribution
(B) E-commerce
(C) E-mail
(D) All of these

Which includes all activities directly related to the sale of goods or services to the ultimate consumer for personal, non-business use.

(A) Retailing
(B) Whole selling and Agency
(C) Producing
(D) Manufacturer

Which is the channel of producer and consumer ?

(A) Middlemen (Agent, Wholesaler or Retailer)
(B) Cost
(C) Market
(D) System

Relationship marketing is related with—

(A) Brand marketing
(B) Brand management
(C) Customer Relationship Management
(D) All of these

Service is a—

(A) Tangible
(B) Intangible
(C) Product
(D) Tool of planning and consumption

CRM is—

(A) A term applied to processes implemented by a company to handle their contact with their customers
(B) A tool of production
(C) A media
(D) A style of product

Green marketing incorporates—

(A) Product modification
(B) Packaging changes
(C) Changes to the production process
(D) All of these

Which bank is authorised for issuing PAN Card.?

(A) Union Bank of India
(B) State Bank of India
(C) UTI Bank (AXIS Bank)
(D) UCO Bank

The Product of HDFC Bank includes—

(A) Credit Card
(B) Personal loan or Home loan
(C) Life Insurance
(D) All of these