Marketing Aptitude MCQ-42

Which is the cause of assigning Sales Quota ?

(A) To know about market
(B) To estimate future Requirement
(C) To Establish Territorial objectives
(D) All of these

Which System may be involved in bank ?

(A) Internal Check System
(B) Internal Control System
(C) Internal Audit System
(D) All of these

A Contestant is Sales Promotion device in which the Participants Compete for a prize on the basis of their skill in fulfilling a certain requirement, usually analytical or—

(A) Price off Promotion
(B) Low Cost base Production
(C) Creative
(D) Avoid

ATM card is given with opening a savings a/c it is a—

(A) Premium
(B) Short term Price reduction
(C) Inventory assistance
(D) Gift

Who is the users of industrial goods ?

(A) Ultimate consumer
(B) Retailer or wholesaler
(C) Producer or manufacturer of consumer goods
(D) Agents

Malls is a ……… business.

(A) Wholesaler
(B) Retailer
(C) Producer
(D) Agent or Producer’s Agent

Which is wireless marketing ?

(A) Direct marketing
(B) Marketing through agent
(C) Marketing through retailer
(D) None of these

Which is the digital media ?

(A) Internet, e-mail and wireless media
(B) Brand
(C) TV
(D) Radio

NSE means—

(A) Net Sales Event
(B) Northern Sales Events
(C) National Stock Exchange
(D) All of these

The corporate banking includes—

(A) Corporate Accounts
(B) Mid Corporate Group
(C) Project Finance
(D) All of these

Product development is—

(A) Useful for bank Marketing
(B) Not useful for bank Marketing
(C) They have no role to play in bank marketing
(D) (D.) All of these

Marketing involves—

(A) Product
(B) Programme
(C) Project
(D) Problem

The exchange function of marketing involves—

(A) Buying of Product or Services
(B) Assembling
(C) Selling
(D) All of these

Which is the source of marketing development ?

(A) Product orientation
(B) Sales orientation
(C) Management orientation
(D) All of these

……… is an integration of marketing activities directed towards customer satisfaction.

(A) Marketing Concept
(B) Marketing Planning and Controlling
(C) Product
(D) Service