Marketing Aptitude MCQ-44

Product Planning includes—

(A) Cost Reduction
(B) Increasing in Sales and Profits
(C) Proper Utilization of resources
(D) All of these

Good Package includes—

(A) Attractive and Protective
(B) Convenient
(C) Interesting
(D) All of these

A ………… is any deliberate alteration in the Physical attributes of a Product or its Packaging.

(A) Product modification
(B) Product planning
(C) Cost
(D) Pricing

MC means —

(A) Money Cost
(B) Marginal Cost of Product
(C) More Cost
(D) Money and Capital

Cost plus method is —

(A) Price = Per unit cost + Expected Profit
(B) Cost-Sales
(C) Sales-Cost
(D) Profit

Methods of non-Price Competition includes—

(A) Product differentiation
(B) Research and development
(C) Sales
(D) Tax

Closing inventories are valued at—

(A) Full Cost
(B) Full Cost of Production
(C) Sales
(D) Tax

Which is the objective of Advertising ?

(A) To remind the customers
(B) To introduce New Product
(C) To do entire selling Job
(D) All of these

Which is any paid form of non-Personal Presentation.

(A) Sales Promotion
(B) Advertising
(C) Research and development
(D) Sales Tax

Types of advertisement media is/are—

(A) Press Advertisement
(B) Outdoor Advertisement
(C) Purchase Point advertisement
(D) All of these

The departmentalization of a sales organisation—

(A) Sales Department
(B) Accounts Department
(C) Wage
(D) Cost

Sales Force Control Process includes—

(A) Setting the Standards for sales
(B) Production
(D) Brand

Job description involves—

(A) Job-Summary, Duties and liabilities
(B) Training
(C) Working Conditions
(D) All of these

Which is the model of internet marketing ?

(D) B2C

A marketing Programme is—

(A) A set of policy decisions on the level, allocation and mix of marketing efforts
(B) A structure of production
(C) A plan of purchasing
(D) A plan of accounting