Marketing Aptitude MCQ-43

Marketing concept earns the Profit with—

(A) Customer satisfaction of Bank
(B) Staff
(C) Product
(D) Building

Profit by customer satisfaction is a tool of—

(A) New concept of marketing
(B) Old concept of marketing
(C) Finance
(D) Production

Who is supreme authority of the Banking Market ?

(A) Bank’s Customer
(B) Chartered Accountant of a Bank
(C) Director of Bank
(D) All of these

Which is intangible features of a Product ?

(A) Goodwill of Product
(B) Performance of Product
(C) After Sale Services of Product
(D) All of these

Which is Product of bank ?

(A) Fixed Term Deposits
(B) Bank’s Building
(C) Bank Staff
(D) Bank’s Furniture

The exchange department of a bank—

(A) Produce the banker note
(B) Convert the Foreign Currency into domestic Currency
(C) Issue a ATM Card
(D) Issue a Kishan Card

Match the following —
List-I (Types of Public)

1) Financial Public
2) Media Public
3) Government Public
4) Local Public

List-II (Example)

a. Debenture holder
b. TV
c. Income Tax Officer
d. Panchayat
e. Staff
Codes :

(A) a-b-c-d
(B) b-d-a-c
(C) c-a-b-d
(D) a-d-b-c

Which is/are Taxation laws ?

(A) Income Tax Act
(B) Custom Tax Act
(C) Sales Tax Act
(D) All of these

Which is a benefit of Market Segmentation ?

(A) In effective Marketing Programme
(B) In meeting the competition effectively
(C) In allocation of Marketing Budget
(D) All of these

Government Policy may be—

(A) Tax related
(B) Export-oriented
(C) Quality-oriented
(D) All of these

The Stapes of decision making Process in buying includes—

(A) Recognition of unsatisfied demands
(B) Identification of options
(C) Evaluation of options
(D) All of these

The Personal Factors of a bank Customer is/are—

(A) Personality—Honesty and Creator
(B) Self Concept
(C) Self-image
(D) All of these

An augmented benefits aspect is/are —

(A) Maintenance of Product or Services
(B) Replacement
(C) Establishment
(D) All of these

Which is Capital Product ?

(A) Machine or Furniture
(B) Milk or Tea
(C) Sugar
(D) All of these

Product Planning —

(A) is concerned with marketing
(B) is a sales system
(C) embraces all activities which enable Producers and middlemen to determine what should constitute a Company’s line of Products
(D) All of these