Marketing Aptitude MCQ-45

Which is factor of Sales Quota ?

(A) Competition
(B) Purchasing Power of Consumer
(C) Product development
(D) All of these

Which type of audit is suitable for the bank ?

(A) Continuous Audit
(B) Cost Audit or Environmental Audit
(C) Balance Sheet Audit
(D) All of these

A ……… is an item of merchandise that is offered at cost or at relatively low cost as a bonus to purchasers of a Particular Product.

(A) Premium
(B) Price off Promotion or Coupon
(C) Sweepstakes
(D) Brand

Match the following—
List-I (Types of Sales Promotion)

1) Consumer
2) Industrial Customer Promotion
3) Trade Promotion
4) Sales Team


(a) Exchange offer
(b) Financial assistance
(c) Store displays
(d) Contests
(e) Job Promotion
1 2 3 4

(A) a-b-d-c
(B) a-b-c-d
(C) b-d-c-a
(D) a-d-c-b

Who is the user of consumer goods ?

(A) Ultimate consumer
(B) Retailer or wholesaler
(C) Agent
(D) Producer

‘More For You’ is —

(A) Retailer
(B) Producer or Manufacturer
(C) Wholesaler
(D) Agent

Which is must for Cyber marketing ?

(A) Customer Remuneration
(B) Retailer
(C) Website
(D) Cost

Which is the macro component of marketing environment ?

(A) Political and Legal Environment
(B) Technological Environment
(C) Natural Environment
(D) All of these

E-CRM stand for—

(A) Electronic Customer Relationship Management
(B) E-Cost Rate Mail
(C) E-Cost Roll Mail
(D) E-Cost Rate Management

BSE means—

(A) Bombay Stock Exchange
(B) Book Sales Event
(C) Budget Sales Event
(D) All of these

Rural Banking Product includes—

(A) Agricultural Banking Product
(B) Micro Credit
(C) Agricultural Credit
(D) All of these

A prospect means—

(A) A person likely to work in a Bank
(B) College Syllabus
(C) A Religions head
(D) A likely buyer

Marketing is—

(A) An Art and Science
(B) An Art
(C) A Science
(D) A Science and Accounting

Which is the benefits of marketing to the nation ?

(A) Increase in the national production
(B) Government Income
(C) Utility of national resources
(D) All of these

Blog is a term of—

(A) Internet Marketing
(B) Digital Marketing
(C) Social Marketing
(D) Green Marketing