Marketing Aptitude MCQ-79

Which is not the concept of marketing ?

(A) Social marketing concept
(B) Product disposal planning concept
(C) Marketing concept
(D) Product concept

Old Concept of Marketing comprises—

(A) Buying and selling activities
(B) Only buying
(C) Only selling
(D) Only price

The ………… is said to be optimal if no adjustment would enhance the Company’s chances of achieving the objectives.

(A) Current Product mix
(B) Fixed Cost
(C) Variable Cost
(D) Market

Competition involves—

(A) Quality of Product or Service
(B) Price level
(C) Marketing Policy
(D) All of these

Which is Four C’s of marketing ?

(A) Customer Solution
(B) Customer Cost
(C) Convenience
(D) All of these

What is full form of PA in case of banking system ?

(A) Performing Assets
(B) Public Act
(C) Public Assets
(D) All of these

The purpose of Market Segmentation—

(A) Purchase Potentiality
(B) Production
(C) Programme
(D) Resource

The prospect word may be used in marketing—(In case of Bank)

(A) For Present Customer
(B) For Present Staff
(C) For New and Potential Customer
(D) All of these

LG means —

(A) Life is good
(B) Life is fine
(C) Life is goal
(D) Live in goal

Preservation of Species is—

(A) Buying motive
(B) A tool of Sales management
(C) Product
(D) Cost

Which is the Psychological Product ?

(A) Prestige Products
(B) Maturity Products
(C) Anxiety Products
(D) All of these

The Characteristics of Product includes —

(A) Product life cycle
(B) Symbolic Meaning
(C) Product Mix
(D) All of these

Which is the industrial Product ?

(A) Raw Material
(B) Machine and major equipments
(C) Component Parts
(D) All of these

………… is a Introduction Stage of Banking Service.

(A) Product development stage and Decline stage
(B) Growth Stage
(C) Maturity Stage
(D) Introduction Stage

Commercialisation Product is based on—

(A) Production
(B) Test marketing of Product
(C) Pricing
(D) Wages