Marketing Aptitude MCQ-78

Which is the part of Process of marketing Control ?

(A) Marketing Budget
(B) Bazar Forecasting
(C) Marketing Cost Analysis
(D) All of these

Middlemen is—

(A) Staff of the organisation
(B) Wholesaler or Retailer
(C) Customer
(D) All of these

Seller’s market is—

(A) Modern Market
(B) Monopoly Market
(C) Production and style market
(D) All of these

Which is the Marketing Policy?

(A) Selling policies and inventory policy
(B) Pricing policy
(C) Advertising policy
(D) All of these

A …… is a large retail establishment having in the same building a number of department each of which confines its activities to one particular branch of trade and forms a complete unit in itself.

(A) Departmental Store
(B) Product Producer
(C) House
(D) Wholesaler

Which is the type of middlemen ?

(A) Experting agent or forwarding agent
(B) Clearing agent
(C) Warehousing agent
(D) All of these

Cyber marketing is known as—

(A) Green marketing
(B) Modern marketing
(C) On line Marketing
(D) All of these

Corporate culture is a product of—

(A) Old concept of marketing
(B) Profit based marketing
(C) Ethical aspect of marketing
(D) Cost

Internet marketing is referred to as—

(A) On line marketing
(B) Internet advertising
(C) e-Marketing
(D) All of these

What is full form of CNP?

(A) Car holder Not Present
(B) Cash Net Process
(C) Cash-Not-Price
(D) All of these

PLR is—

(A) Prime Lending Rate
(B) Product Life Rate
(C) Product Loyalty Rate
(D) All of these

Marketing is required for—

(A) Boosting production
(B) Boosting sales
(C) Boosting profits
(D) All of these

Rural Marketing is related to—

(A) Book
(B) Car
(C) Rural product like-Agricultural tools
(D) Mobile

………… includes activities involved in the flow of goods and services from Production to Consumption.

(A) Product planning and Product innovation
(B) Marketing
(C) Selling
(D) Pricing

Which is the financing activity of the bank ?

(A) Funding to the Customer
(B) Bank Credit
(C) Bank Advance
(D) All of these