Marketing Aptitude MCQ-81

The objective of Sales Promotion includes—

(A) To introduce New Products
(B) To attract New Customer
(C) To reduce Seasonal decline
(D) All of these

Sales Promotion is a—

(A) Short term device
(B) Long term device
(C) Highly long term device
(D) All of these

Indirect distribution channel is…………

(A) Producer —> Consumer
(B) Producer —> Agent
(C) Producer—> Agent —> Wholesaler —> Retailer —> Consumer
(D) Producer—> Retailer

Type of Retailer is/are—

(A) Mail order Retailer
(B) Contract chains
(C) Consumer stores
(D) All of these

Which is the type of distribution channel in the Bank ?

(A) Bank —> Customer
(B) Bank—> DSA—> Customer
(C) Head office of Bank —> Branch —> Customer
(D) All of these

Radical Marketing is related with—

(A) Individualisation
(B) Product planning
(C) Cost Management
(D) All of these

Which is the example of service quality in Bank?

(A) Non-performing assets of bank
(B) Merger
(C) ATM Facility
(D) Communication

Which is the function of CRM ?

(A) Customer facing operations
(B) Internal collaborative functions
(C) External collaborative functions
(D) All of these

DSA is—

(A) Direct Selling Agent
(B) Division Sales Act
(C) Direct Sales Association
(D) All of these

The ledger of banks is/are—

(A) Loan Ledger
(B) Current Accounts Ledger
(C) Saving Account Ledger
(D) All of these

In Marketing it is necessary to identify—

(A) Potential sellers
(B) Selling employees
(C) Potential products and services
(D) Key existing and potential customers

Marketing is —

(A) a day to day function
(B) a one-off affair
(C) a one man show
(D) a collective process

The Old Market was—

(A) Buyer or Consumer’s Market
(B) Law
(C) Seller’s Market
(D) All of these

An advertisement that appears on a web page is called— ‘ ‘

(A) Blog
(B) Banner Ad
(C) Spam
(D) Message

Which is the type of marketing concept ?

(A) Production Concept
(B) Product Concept
(C) Sales Concept
(D) All of these