Marketing Aptitude MCQ-80

Trickle down Theory is related with—

(A) Fashion
(B) Research and development disposal unit
(C) Product
(D) Product Line

Price is a total of—

(A) Price of Product or Service
(B) Guarantee
(C) Warrantee
(D) All of these

Ethical values includes—

(A) Black money
(B) Be honest and be Social
(C) Pollution
(D) All of these

Unit Total Cost + Derived Unit Price =

(A) Cost of Production
(B) Advertising Cost and Promotion Cost
(C) Selling Price
(D) All of these

Marginal Cost computed by———

(A) Total Sales/Stock
(B) Increase in total Cost/ Increase in total Units
(C) Sales /Tax
(D) Total Cost of Production/Stock

TAC means

(A) Total Average Cost
(B) Tax At Cost
(C) Total All Cost
(D) Total Apply Centre

Essentials of a good advertising copy—

(A) Attracting Attention
(B) Arousing Interest
(C) Understandable
(D) All of these

Advertising budget is based on—

(A) Media of advertising
(B) Scope or Area of Advertising
(C) Period of advertising
(D) All of these

Sales quota—

(A) is a control activity of Sales management
(B) is a Product
(C) is a Service
(D) is a department

“Authority is the right to Command or act”. Who said ?

(A) Beach and Bodle
(B) Bertrand R. Canfield
(C) Philip Kotler
(D) Rath

Supervision involves—

(A) Job evaluation
(B) Motivation to Salesmen
(C) Communication
(D) All of these

Which is the parties of sale ?

(A) Seller and Buyer
(B) Seller and Producer
(C) Seller and Suppliers
(D) All of these

Function of Selling includes—

(A) Sale Contract
(B) Customer Services
(C) Contractual Function
(D) All of these

Marketing planning under—

(A) Product oriented organisation
(B) Customer oriented organisation
(C) Function oriented organisation
(D) All of these

Which factors affecting the size of Sales territory ?

(A) Policies and Practices of the Business
(B) Method of Distribution :
(C) Advertising
(D) All of these