Marketing Aptitude MCQ-82

CRM is helpful in—

(A) New product development and planning
(B) Risk Creation
(C) Purchasing
(D) System

Which is not the Product Line Policy ?

(A) Contraction of Product mix
(B) Alteration of Existing Products
(C) Development of New uses for existing Products
(D) Costing

Which is the assumption of Marketing Mix ?

(A) Affected by environment
(B) Substitution of factors
(C) Coordination
(D) All of these

Which is a part of Promotion mix ?

(A) Advertisement
(B) Personal Selling
(C) Packaging
(D) A and B are both

………… is a Bank of Banks.

(A) State Bank of India
(B) Reserve Bank of India
(C) UCO Bank
(D) Canara Bank

Macro and Micro environment of marketing involves—

(A) Suppliers
(B) Rules and Policies of Government
(C) Customers
(D) All of these

Ecology involves—

(A) Status of Pollution
(B) Air
(C) Water
(D) All of these

Sub market is known as—

(A) Merging of market
(B) Origin of markets
(C) Market Segment or Market Segmentation
(D) Plan

Which is the objective of Market Segmentation ?

(A) To set the correct form of market
(B) To make subset of market
(C) To select the best market
(D) All of these

In case of Car loan, the user status will be of a bank?

(A) Past Customer
(B) First Users
(C) Regular User
(D) Some time User

The Primary Buying motives is/are—

(A) Social approval
(B) To live longer or long life
(C) Beauty
(D) Welfare of beloved ones

The type of Consumer is/are —

(A) Cognitive group
(B) Emotional Reactors Group
(C) Impulsive Group
(D) All of these

An Institutional Consumer of a bank is—

(A) An Education Institution
(B) A Person
(C) A Staff of bank
(D) All of these

Which is a Product as per Philip Kotler ?

(A) Goods and Services
(B) Experience and Properties
(C) Information
(D) All of these

Nondurable Product is/are—

(A) Mobile or Computer
(B) Face cream
(C) House or building of Bank