Marketing Aptitude MCQ-75

Stimulation of Consumer involves—

(A) Free trial of the Product
(B) Punishment
(C) Charges
(D) Tax imposed

Defective Product is for Social angle—

(A) Power wastages machine
(B) Eco-friendly product
(C) Better quality product
(D) All of these

Which is/are factor related to product?

(A) Product perish ability
(B) Product weight
(C) Nature
(D) All of these

Which is large Retailer ?

(A) Departmental store and corporate chain store
(B) House
(C) Producer
(D) Wholesaler

Which is/are middlemen ?

(A) Factor or Broker
(B) Del-credere-agent
(C) Auctioneer
(D) All of these

Who is satisfied customer ?

(A) Agreed customer with quality, price, design and utility
(B) Staff
(C) Potential customer
(D) Consumer

Which is the area of ethical aspect of marketing ?

(A) False and Misleading advertising
(B) True information
(D) Fair pricing

Which is the task of SFA ?

(A) Keeping lists of leads
(B) Tracking responses
(C) Assigning lost segments to sales people
(D) All of these

What is full form of ‘PIN’?

(A) Personal identification number
(B) Product-in-Net
(C) Pull-in-Net
(D) Push-in-Note

A DSA helps in—

(A) Boosting Direct Sales
(B) Contacting customers in the Net
(C) Indirect Marketing
(D) Direct Telemarketing

Marketing starts and ends with—

(A) Certain Market
(B) Consumer
(C) Advertising and Sales Promotion
(D) Selling

Marketing is an Integrated System of action that creates values in goods through its creation of foipi, place, time and—

(A) Ownership utilities
(B) Marketing Research and Planning
(C) Promotion
(D) Brand

Which is Centre Point of marketing concept ?

(A) Large Scale Organisation
(B) Production on Large Scale
(C) (G) Customer
(D) Profit

Which bank is following high Pressure Selling of their product ?

(B) State Bank of India and UCO Bank
(C) Bank of Baroda
(D) Bank of India

Marketing includes activities involved in the flow of goods and services from Production to—

(A) Marketing
(B) Godown and Transportation System
(C) Consumption
(D) Power