Marketing Aptitude MCQ-11

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Marketing Aptitude

The variations of CRM includes—

(A) Operational CRM
(B) Sales force Automation
(C) Analytical CRM
(D) All of these

Relationship marketing is a form of marketing developed from direct response marketing company conducted in the—

(A) 1960
(B) 1970 to 1999
(C) 1999 to 2007
(D) 1961 to 2001

Debit Card is issued by—

(A) Bank or any agency authorised by bank
(B) Staff
(C) Customer

Who is the official director of the RBI ?

(A) Governor
(B) Prime Minister of India

Digital marketing is the promoting of brands using the—

(A) Interactive channels
(B) News Paper
(C) Radio
(D) Magazines

Which is the activity of stock market ?

(A) fruits are purchased and sold
(B) Production
(C) Share and debendtures are purchased and sold
(D) Financing

Which is the sources of market information ?

(A) Advertisement
(B) Salesman or Personal Selling
(C) Satisfied Customer
(D) All of these

Who is the part of the channel of distribution ?

(A) Sales Traveller
(B) Distributor agent or Agent
(C) Retailer
(D) All of these

Marketing concept includes —

(A) A Comprehensive Philosophy
(B) Long run success
(C) Product planning and development
(D) All of these

Which is/are cause(es) of increasing importance of marketing concept ?

(A) Population growth
(B) Legal Protection to Consumers
(C) Technological Change
(D) All of these

Who is a Prospective Customer for a back ?

(A) Staff of the bank
(B) Plan of the bank
(C) Loan holder of a bank
(D) A student of the university who is demanding educational loan from the bank

Who is the Father of four P’s of marketing ?

(A) McCarthy
(B) Neil H. Borden and Martin Marshall
(C) Rath
(D) Stanton

DSA of a Bank is a Part of—

(A) Product mix and product planning
(B) Distribution mix
(C) Price mix
(D) Promotion mix

Target customer means —

(A) Present Customer
(B) The Customer to whom goods/service to be sold
(C) Staff
(D) Ex-customer

Which is the type of customer of bank ?

(A) Consumer customer
(B) Industrial customer
(C) Reseller customer
(D) A and B are both