Marketing Aptitude MCQ-9

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Which is the factor of Sales forecasting ?

(A) Demand of Product or Sales
(B) Competition
(C) Price of Competitive Product or Services
(D) All of these

……… Provides the Chief Sales executive the assistance of group of Specialists.

(A) Committee organisation
(B) Line and Staff organisation
(C) Central organisation
(D) Product

Which is the method of remuneration to Salesmen ?

(A) Straight Salary Method
(B) Commission Method
(C) Fixed Salary and Commission Method
(D) All of these

Where under a contract of sale the transfer of property in goods is to take place at a future time or subject to some condition thereafter to be fulfilled, the contract is called—

(A) Contract of Transfer of Property
(B) Agreement to sell
(C) A sale
(D) Gift

Selling is a—

(A) Negative aspect
(B) Persuasive Communication
(C) Product
(D) Market Structure

Adhoc planning is suitable for—

(A) Market and Plant development
(B) Set up of a new firm
(C) Capital budgeting
(D) Renewal of a Patent

A sales territory is ;

(A) Particular grouping of customers and Prospects, assigned to an Individual Salesman
(B) Technique for sales
(C) Product
(D) Service

Match the following—
List-I (Techniques of Sales Control)

1) Accounting Technique
2) Statement Analysis
3) Distribution Cost Analysis
4) Sales Analysis

List-II (Elements)

(a) Budget
(b) Income-Statement
(c) Economic Order Quantity
(d) Salesmen’s Report
(e) Profit

1 2 3 4

(A) (b) (c) (d)
(B) (d) (a) (c)
(C) (a) (b) (d)
(D) (a) (c) (b)

………… any paid form of non-personal Presentation and Promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor.

(A) Sales Promotion and Public Relation
(B) Advertising
(C) Packaging
(D) Style

Promotional mix includes—

(A) Personal Selling or Salesmanship
(B) Price
(C) Policy
(D) Programme

Which is the channel of direct distribution ?

(A) Own sales shops
(B) Own sales showrooms
(C) Own salesmen
(D) All of these

Retailing includes—

(A) Production
(B) Financial management
(C) All activities incident to selling to the ultimate consumer
(D) Manufacturing activity

Marketing channels are sets of interdependent organisations involved—

(A) In the process of making a product available for use or consumption
(B) Production activity
(C) Financing activity
(D) Training activity

‘One member-one vote’ is element of —

(A) Consumer co-operative stores
(B) Departmental store
(C) Supermarket
(D) All of these

Match the following —
List-I-(Activities relating to International Marketing)

1) Marketing Communication
2) Pricing
3) Market Entry
4) Marketing Research

List-II (Nature)

(a) World Trade fare
(b) Cost plus
(c) Collaboration
(d) Innovation
(e) WTO
Codes :
1 2 3 4

(A) (c) (b) (d)
(B) (d) (a) (c)
(C) (a) (b) (d)
(D) (a) (b) (c)