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Marketing Aptitude MCQ-2

1. Classification of products into goods, services, and ideas is determined by the:


2. Which of the following is generally viewed as a business or industrial service?


3. Of the following alternatives which service is the most people-based?


4. Services can be meaningfully analyses by using a five-category classification scheme including type of market, degree of labour-intensiveness, degree of customer contact, skill of service provider, and


5. The appearance of the production facilities and the interpersonal skills of actual service providers are critical in ______ services.


6. In service marketing, the most important link to the customer is


7. A Bank supplies products that fall primarily at which of the following points on the tangibility continuum?


8. As PANKAJ and PURNIMA Wallace meet with the account representative at ICICI Bank, they are shown a sample of what their monthly statement Will look like. Providing such sample documents allows ICICI to add tangibility to which one of the following qualities?


9. Atharva, a young dentist, finds that he is not bringing in enough revenue to cover his expenses. He would like to schedule more patients, but he finds that in almost every time slot he is seeing an existing patient. Atharva’s problems with expanding his practice deal with the aspect of service called:


10. Legal and General Insurance uses the umbrella to communicate protection to its customers. This illustrates the company’s attempt to help customers understand the service by:


11. Marketers for the airline industry sometimes find it difficult to promote their product because unused aero plane seats cannot be stored. This problem illustrates which one of the following unique features of services?


12. The owner of the Beauty Spot beauty salon has difficulty in standardising and controlling the quality of service the customers in her salon receive. This problem illustrates which one of the following unique features of services?


13. Which one of the following can be considered a high-contact service?


14. Delta Airlines runs a series of television commercials that show its personnel going out of their way to help customers. An important secondary audience for these ads is:


15. Adam’s Pool Service charges Rs.50 for swimming pool cleaning performed prior to May 15 and Rs.75 for jobs performed after that date. This pricing structure provides the benefits to Adam’s of:


16. Marketing activities conducted by individuals and organizations to achieve some goal other than ordinary business goals such as profit is:


17. An advertising campaign that tries to persuade people to avoid drinking and driving is an example of:


18. A group of individuals who have an interest in or concern about an organization, a product, or a social cause is a(n):


19. A university’s student body would be considered its _____ public, and parents, alumni, and trustees would be included as its—– public.


20. According to the text, the direct consumers of a nonprofit organization are its


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