Marketing Aptitude MCQ-26

Management of Sales force is based on—

(A) Motivation and evaluation of Job
(B) Cost
(C) Production
(D) Sales Promotion

Which is the organisation ?

(A) Line and Staff type Sales organisation
(B) Quota Sales
(C) Retailer
(D) Agent

Sales Discussion is a ……… method.

(A) Production and Research
(B) Training of Salesmanship
(C) Cost
(D) Pricing

Internet Marketing is known as—

(A) i-marketing
(B) Green Marketing
(C) Marketing of Computer Product
(D) Selling of Computer Item

…………… comprises all those Personal and impersonal activities involved in finding, Securing and developing a demand for given product or service, and in consummating the sale of it.

(A) Selling
(B) Product Planning and Control
(C) Exchange
(D) Promotion

The Promotional Policy includes—

(A) Advertisement
(B) Personal Sales or Advertisement
(C) Sales Promotion
(D) All of these

Which is the factor of developing the marketing mix ?

(A) Product Mix
(B) Communication mix and Distribution Mix
(C) Service Mix
(D) All of these

Which Point should be considered at the time of Sales planning ?

(A) Trademark must be attractive
(B) Good Packing
(C) Good Product Shape and Style
(D) All of these

Communication’s stages includes—

(A) Sender or Encoding
(B) Message Media
(C) Decoding
(D) All of these

Sales Promotion devices for Sales force is/are—

(A) Bonus
(B) More Commission for more selling
(C) Contests
(D) All of these

A person or firm that buys merchandise and resells it either to retailers for subsequent resale to the consumer or to business firm for industrial and business use is called—

(A) Wholesaler
(B) Manufacturer or Producer
(C) Agent
(D) Retailer .

Inventory decision is based on—

(A) Economic order quantity
(B) Order lead time
(C) Usage rate
(D) All of these

Which is the function of wholesaler ?

(A) Selling and buying the products
(B) Storing
(C) Dividing the goods
(D) All of these

Which is the product of green marketing ?

(A) Polluted water
(B) Polluted Milks
(C) Free of toxic chemical
(D) All of these

The consumer Protection Act, 1986 applies on—

(A) Railway
(B) Product Planning and Policies
(C) Methods
(D) Programme