Marketing Aptitude MCQ-24

Promotion means—

(A) Additional responsibility
(B) Doing research in Marketing
(C) Advertisement and Publicity for Marketing
(D) Going up the ladder in Government establishments

Marketing is required in banks due to—

(A) Computerisation
(B) Increase in population
(C) Globalisation
(D) Government dictates

Innovation means —

(A) Introduction of new product
(B) Management
(C) Budgeting
(D) Cost

ATM Centre of the bank is a means of—

(A) Direct marketing
(B) Indirect marketing
(C) Negative marketing
(D) All of these

In Bank ‘Sovereignty’ word may be used for-

(A) Bank’s employees
(B) Bank’s Managing Director
(C) Bank’s Customer
(D) Bank’s Law

Which is/are marketing activities ?

(A) Product Planning and Pricing
(B) Pricing
(C) Transportation
(D) All of these

Which is the mode of Payment in the Contract of Sale?

(A) Money
(B) Goods or any domestic currency
(C) Product
(D) Service

Which is T’ of Marketing ?

(A) Problem with Price and People
(B) Price
(C) Positive
(D) Negative Planning

Which is the nature of marketing environment ?

(A) Internal and external environment
(B) Mutual Factors
(C) Dynamic Factor
(D) All of these

Which is main internal factor of a Banking environment ?

(A) Staff
(B) Present and Potential Customer
(C) Market
(D) All of these

Which is social environment of a bank ?

(A) Life style
(B) Standard of living
(C) Quality of life
(D) All of these

Labour laws is/are—

(A) Provident Fund Act
(B) Gratuity Payment Act
(C) Industrial Disputes Act
(D) All of these

Concentrated Marketing Strategy adopted by which bank ?

(A) HDFC-House loan
(B) Canara Bank—Car loan
(C) SBI—Education, Car and House loan
(D) All of these

Who may be Customer of a bank ?

(A) Retired person from Army
(B) Advocate
(C) Professor
(D) All of these

Psychology of Consumer includes—

(A) Consumer attitudes
(B) Intentions
(C) Desires
(D) All of these