Marketing Aptitude MCQ-27

Which is promotional media ?

(A) Printing
(B) Publication
(C) Broadcasting out of home
(D) All of these

ATM Card is issued by the—

(A) Bank
(B) Manufacturing and Processing Organisation
(C) Trader
(D) Advocate

Which is the RBFs Rates ?

(A) Policy Rates
(B) Reserve Rates
(C) Exchange Rates
(D) All of these

Successful Marketing Strategies need—

(A) Knowledge of customers tastes
(B) Good leadership
(C) Proper direction and guidance
(D) All of these

What is the basis of marketing ?

(A) Exchange
(B) Net Sales and Net Profit
(C) Profit
(D) Packaging

Which is the benefit of Marketing ?

(A) Maximum Production and Sales
(B) Reduction in Per Unit Cost
(C) Maximum Profit
(D) All of these

The nature of marketing involves —

(A) After sale Service
(B) Promotion decision
(C) Determination of Distribution channel
(D) All of these

Who is the King of a bank ?

(A) Bank’s employee
(B) Bank’s Customer
(C) Bank’s Chartered Accountant
(D) All of these

Which is the element of a valid Contract ?

(A) Agreement-Offer and Acceptance
(B) Lawful Consideration
(C) Lawful Object
(D) All of these

A ………… is any style which is popularly accepted and purchased by Several Successive groups of People over reasonably long period of time.

(A) Fashion
(B) Product Simplification and Planning
(C) Size
(D) Brand

Which is a Part of Price mix ?

(A) Hire Purchase System
(B) Installment System
(C) Profit Rate
(D) All of these

Marketing environment may be—

(A) Dynamic and Geographical limit
(B) Correct
(C) Full
(D) Fixed

Which is the Internal factors of marketing environment ?

(A) Target of organisation
(B) Concept of firm
(C) Resources of the organisation
(D) All of these

The marketing environment of bank affected by-

(A) Their Customers
(B) Their Staff
(C) Their Source of Fund
(D) All of these

International environment includes —

(A) Economic Policies of various countries
(B) Foreign Capital
(C) Exim Policy
(D) All of these