Marketing Aptitude MCQ-29

Which is/are the Products of a bank related to differentiated Marketing Strategy ?

(A) 91 days term deposits
(B) 15 days term deposits
(C) 45 days term deposits
(D) All of these

Target group means —

(A) All employees
(B) Short listed people
(C) All the marketing staff
(D) Group of people likely to buy the identified product

Social responsibility of bank does not include —

(A) To open Saving Account
(B) Support Facility
(C) Public Development Programme
(D) Pollution Control

Which is motivation models ?

(A) Economic Model
(B) Learning Model
(C) Psychoanalytic Model
(D) All of these

………… is the Process whereby individuals decide whether, what, when, where, how and from whom to Purchase Goods and Services.

(A) Market Planning and Co-ordination
(B) Consumer behaviour
(C) Brand
(D) Trademark

Which is the Psychological Factor of a bank’s Customer ?

(A) Perception of Customer
(B) Learning
(C) Beliefs
(D) All of these

Convenience Product is/are —

(A) Magazine and Newspaper
(B) Bank’s Furniture
(C) Truck
(D) Research and Development

The Stages of Product life cycle includes—

(A) Product development stage
(B) Introduction Stage
(C) Growth Stage
(D) All of these

Product Planning includes —

(A) Research and development of Production
(B) Test Marketing
(C) Product Control
(D) All of these

Which is the sources of generation of Ideas ?

(A) Research and development Programme
(B) Investors
(C) Competitor
(D) All of these

Which is the example of Product diversification ?

(A) DCM Ltd.
(B) Pepsi Foods
(D) All of these

Which is/are the stage of new Product development ?

(A) New Ideas
(B) Business analysis
(C) Product development
(D) All of these

Sales oriented objectives includes—

(A) Maximising Sales Volume
(B) Maximising number of customers
(C) Maximising market share
(D) All of these

Price lining Policy may be used for—

(A) Classification of Product
(B) Same type of Product
(C) Service
(D) Lower quality product

MRTP Act stand for—

(A) Money Rate Trade Policy Act
(B) Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act
(C) Money Role Tax Act
(D) Money Role Tool Act