Marketing Aptitude MCQ-33

The Monopoly and Restrictive Trade Practices Act Came into force from—

(A) 1969
(B) 1 May 1920
(C) There is not a correct date for implementation
(D) 1920

Fixed Cost + Profit or loss =

(A) Profit
(B) Research and development Cost
(C) Contribution
(D) Wage

Which is the part of Advertising Programme ?

(A) Administrative overhead
(B) Media Cost
(C) Research
(D) All of these

Which is the element of Advertising ?

(A) Public Presentation
(B) Identified Sponsors
(C) Pervasiveness
(D) All of these

Rural Marketing in Indian Economy covers —

(A) Selling of agricultural items in the urban areas
(B) Selling of manufactured products in the rural regions
(C) Selling of digital products in Metro city
(D) (A)and(B)

Which is the part of sales department ?

(A) Accountant or clerk of Sales department
(B) HRM Manager
(C) Production Manager
(D) Purchase Manager

……… is the organised Procedure by which People learn Knowledge and/or skill for a definite purpose.

(A) DalS. Beach
(B) Philip Kotler and Peter F. Drucker
(C) Rath
(D) Roy

Marketing planning includes—

(A) Product Polity
(B) Price Policy
(C) Physical Distribution Policy
(D) All of these

DSA stand for-

(A) Direct Sales Agent
(B) Direct Social Act
(C) Document Sales Agent
(D) All of these

Geo targeting are the methods of—

(A) Costing
(B) Determining the geolocation of a website visitor with geolocation software
(C) Pricing
(D) Selling

Buying allowance is given to the—

(A) Producer or Manufacturer of Product
(B) Middlemen
(C) Consumer
(D) Staff

Exchange offer is for—

(A) Consumer of the Product or user of the Product
(B) Manager
(C) Staff
(D) Producer

Wholesaler sell to retailer or other merchants and or industrial, institutional and commercial users but they do not sell in significant amount to—

(A) Ultimate consumers
(B) Producer or Manufacturer
(C) Agent
(D) Retailer

Physical distribution means—

(A) The actual handling and moving of goods within individual firms and along channel systems
(B) The action for financing
(C) Grading
(D) Dividing

Which is not the type of wholesaler ?

(A) Retailer
(B) Wagon or truck wholesaler
(C) Export wholesaler
(D) General line wholesaler