Marketing Aptitude MCQ-34

Green marketing may be—

(A) Environment friendly
(B) Product friendly
(C) Polluted
(D) Riskless

Who will be member of Consumer Forum ?

(A) A Lady
(B) A person who is related to trade
(C) A person related to public sectors
(D) All of these

Internet marketing is associated with—

(A) e-commerce
(B) Publishing-the sale of advertising
(C) Lead-based-websites
(D) All of these

Where is the Head office of SBI ?

(A) Mumbai
(B) Jaipur
(C) Delhi
(D) Raipur

Personal Banking includes—

(A) Deposits
(B) Loans or Credit Cards
(C) Investment
(D) All of these

Innovation helps in—

(A) Designing new Products
(B) Improving marketing Fluctuations
(C) Increasing sales
(D) All of these

Marketing includes—

(A) Consumer-oriented Process
(B) Certain market
(C) Socio-economic activity
(D) All of these

Which is the branding of Bank ?

(A) Fixed deposits or Term deposits
(B) Personal Loan
(C) Mutual Fund
(D) All of these

The object marketing—

(A) Is maximum sales
(B) Is maximum production
(C) As of all production activities is to supply human wants
(D) Is orientation

Bank marketing Concept is a—

(A) Customer-oriented philosophy
(B) Product planning
(C) Deposits
(D) Loan

Which is not the pillar of marketing concept ?

(A) Integrated management with marketing fulcrum
(B) Cost
(C) Customer satisfaction
(D) Welfare of customer

In sale—

(A) Goods are delivered to the buyer from the seller
(B) Production
(C) Goods are sold
(D) All of these

Which one of the may be used to improve services provided to customers—

(B) Internet
(C) Computer
(D) TV

Which is Factors of Price of a Product or Service ?

(A) Aim of Pricing
(B) Demand of Product or Service
(C) Level of Competition
(D) All of these

CRM is a combination of—

(A) Policies
(B) Process
(C) Strategies
(D) All of these