Marketing Aptitude MCQ-7

Marketing Aptitude MCQ IBPS,SBI,NICL,LIC,Bank Clerks,POs,GIC

In Bullion market—

(A) Books are purchased
(B) Production
(C) Gold are purchased and sold
(D) Investment are made

Which is the information about the bank ?

(A) Rate of Interest on Loan
(B) Rate of Interest on Savings
(C) New Product of Bank
(D) All of these

What is after sale service of the bank ?

(A) To pay the loan
(B) To provide Job
(C) To make the payment after or on maturity of Fixed deposits
(D) To provide loan

Which is the term of ‘Digital Marketing’ ?

(A) Blocked
(B) Cost
(C) Plan
(D) Brand

Which is the new outcome of change in distribution system ?

(A) Teleshopping
(B) Speed Post and Courier System
(C) Internet
(D) All of these

Which is the type of Product Policy ?

(A) Product Item
(B) Product Line
(C) Product Mix
(D) All of these

Which is the most suitable strategy for ‘Target Marketing’ ?

(C) Data
(D) Union

Distribution mix involves—

(A) Wholesaler
(B) Retailer
(C) Agent or Personal Agent of a Producer
(D) All of these

Nature of marketing environment includes—

(A) Changes as per environment
(B) Communication
(C) Challenges
(D) All of these

Match the following—
List-I (Type of Customer)

1) Consumer customers
2) Industrial customer
3) Reseller customer
4) International customer

List-II (Functions)

(a) Domestic customer
(b) Company
(c) Retailer Manufacturing
(d) Import
(e) Competitor

Codes :

(A) (b) (c) (d)
(B) (c) (d) (a)
(C) (a) (b) (d)
(D) (a) (c) (b)

Economic environment includes —

(A) Development of Human Resources
(B) Labour Policy
(C) Economic Policy
(D) All of these

Market Segmentation is—

(A) The allocation of product
(B) The allocation of policy
(C) The allocation of service
(D) The strategy of dividing markets in order to conquer them

Heterogeneous Customer is related with—

(A) Pricing
(B) Market Segmentation
(C) Product-orientation and mix
(D) Product mix

Brand loyalty means—

(A) Loyalty in product quality
(B) Cost
(C) No-profit no loss
(D) No Storage Cost

A ………… is the inner state that energizes ,activates, or moves and that directs or channels behaviour toward goals.

(A) Motive
(B) Research and Development
(C) Plan
(D) Market Research