Marketing Aptitude MCQ-30

Contribution is also known as—

(A) Gross margin
(B) Cost of Production and Selling Cost
(C) Profit
(D) Loss

CRS stands for—

(A) Consumer Relationship System
(B) Cost Rate Strategy
(C) Cost Relationship Sample
(D) Care Rate Sample

Advertising may be—

(A) Non-Personal Presentation
(B) Personal Presentation ‘
(C) Negative
(D) Positive

Which is the element of Sales Management ?

(A) Selling
(B) Management of Sales force
(C) Maximisation Sales
(D) All of these

Which is the form of Sales organisation ?

(A) Line type Sales Organisation
(B) Line and Staff
(C) Functional organisation
(D) All of these

Which is group training ?

(A) Lectures
(B) Sales Demonstration
(C) Sales Dramatization
(D) All of these

Search engine Marketing involves—

(A) Mobile advertising
(B) Web analytics
(C) Cost per impression
(D) All of these

Merits of Personal Selling includes—

(A) Pinpoints Prospects
(B) Demonstrates the Product
(C) Helps close of the sale
(D) All of these

Price Policy is related with—

(A) Pricing of Product and Services
(B) Purchasing
(C) Investing
(D) Accounting

Which is Internal variable of marketing programme ?

(A) Quality of the Product or Service
(B) Packaging
(C) Design
(D) All of these

The Primary Purpose of Sales Control is to discover weak spots in Sales Performance and to maintain and improve the efficiency of—

(A) Sales
(B) Human Resource Management
(C) Sales Operations
(D) Wages and Salary Policy

Final Consumer is—

(A) Manufacturer of the goods
(B) Government of India
(C) Users of the goods
(D) Retailer

Push Money or Premium is—

(A) Advertising device
(B) Sales Promotion device for middlemen
(C) Production Style
(D) Share

Direct mail advertising includes—

(A) Folder and Catalogues
(B) Letterheads
(C) House Magazine
(D) All of these

…… buy and resell merchandise to retailers and other merchants and to industrial, institutional and commercial users, but do not sell in significant amount to ultimate consumers.

(A) Retailer
(B) Wholesaler
(C) Producer or Manufacturer
(D) Consumer