Marketing Aptitude MCQ-21

Consumer is the ……… of market.

(A) King
(B) Producer or manufacturer
(C) Creator
(D) Capitalist

Which is the Concept of Marketing ?

(A) Customer is a King of market
(B) Customer is always right
(C) Your satisfaction is our profit
(D) All of these

CRM stand for

(A) Central Role Money
(B) Customer Relationship Management
(C) Customer Rate Money
(D) All of these

Consumer loan taken by a customer on any consumer item, it is a contract of—

(A) Hire Purchase Agreement
(B) Contract of Sale
(C) Gift
(D) Capital

Which is four P’ s of Marketing Mix ?

(A) Product Mix
(B) Price Mix
(C) Place Mix
(D) All of these

Which is Social environment of a bank ?

(A) Caste System
(B) Political stability and status
(C) Inflation
(D) Exchange rate

Which is controllable factors of marketing environment ?

(A) Aim of marketing department
(B) Policy of the firm
(C) Organisational Structure
(D) All of these

The cultural environment factor of bank includes—

(A) Respect of old citizens
(B) Perception
(C) Cultural values
(D) All of these

Indian Contract Act, 1872 includes—

(A) Agreement and Contract
(B) Partner
(C) Goods
(D) Price

Marketing Strategy Cost is/are—

(A) Product Cost
(B) Storage and Selling Cost
(C) Administrative Cost
(D) All of these

Who may be Prospects for a Bank ?

(A) Manager of other bank
(B) Administrator of Govt. depart.
(C) Student
(D) All of these

Which is the element of Psychology of Consumer ?

(A) Knowledge of the Customer
(B) Attitudes
(C) Intention
(D) All of these

Relationship Marketing means—

(A) Cross selling
(B) Selling by relatives
(C) Selling to relatives
(D) After sales services

Buyer behaviour is—

(A) A technique of purchase
(B) A tool of advertising
(C) All Psychological, Social and Physical behaviour of Potential customers as they become aware of, evaluate, purchase consume, and tell other people about Products and Services
(D) All of these