Marketing Aptitude MCQ-35

Which is the result of marketing environment ?

(A) Innovation
(B) Development of Competitive ability
(C) Knowledge of Challenge
(D) All of these

Which is the Internal Public of a bank ?

(A) Staff of the bank
(B) Managers of a bank
(C) Directors of the bank
(D) All of these

The Corporate laws is/are—

(A) Companies Act
(B) SEBI Act
(C) Indian Contract Act
(D) A and B are both

Differentiated Marketing Strategy is followed by-

(A) Hindustan Uniliver Ltd.
(B) All Commercial Banks
(C) Panama
(D) All of these

In case of Bank ‘Brand’ is.

(A) ICICI Prudential Fund
(B) Lee
(C) Peter England
(D) Arrow

Which is banking assets ?

(A) Bank Building and Furniture
(C) Loan and Advance
(D) All of these

In India, who plays a vital role in buying decision ?

(A) Woman
(B) Man with their friends
(C) Staff
(D) Man with their boss

Liquid assets includes —

(A) Cash in hand
(B) Cash at bank
(C) Bills payables
(D) All of these

Consumer Product is—

(A) Milk and Tea
(B) Sugarcane for Sugar industry
(C) Bank Building
(D) ATM Machine

PLC is—

(A) Product Long Cost
(B) Product Life Cycle
(C) Product Life Cost
(D) Programme Life Cost

What is the target of Product Planning ?

(A) Profit Maximization
(B) Production Cost Minimization
(C) Customer Satisfaction and Welfare
(D) All of these

Which is the stage of Product development Process ?

(A) Generation of ideas
(B) Screening of the ideas
(C) Business Analysis
(D) All of these

Product Simplification is required due to—

(A) Cost reduction
(B) Uses of Special Plant
(C) Effective Marketing
(D) All of these

Which is/are reason for Product Innovation ?

(A) Competition and Market Changes
(B) Risk
(C) Market Strategy
(D) All of these

Skimming is concerned with—

(A) Initial Sales of Product
(B) Product Production
(C) Product Planning
(D) Advertising